October 06, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 56: You Only Play Dice

The Sims 4: Being an avid Sims fan and being unable to actually play The Sims 4, most of the Content Rundown has been constructed from videos I watched and just the overall experience I get from The Sims. While it may not be 100% comprehensive, I'm sure you guys will find it useful regardless.

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor: I recently became a LOTR fan after finishing the trilogy. (I watched the first movie thirteen years ago, but I only watched the other two a few months ago.) 

Shadow of Mordor is set within the same universe, and I'm very excited to see what the team behind one of my favourite games of all time, Tron 2.0, have come up with.

Need for Speed Underground: One of my favourite games of all time, NFS Underground is a joy to play and just an all-round fun racing game which doesn't take sacrifice nail-biting speed for aching realism. (I'm looking at you, Shift.)

Civilization IV: A great strategy game I recommend for any serious strategy fan, although I would have to warn you about the time-sink that comes with playing the game. Pace yourself; it can get very addictive.

Medal of Honor Airborne: Just a funny game for me to run around and smack Nazis in the face with my Tommy Gun. Oh, and it actually took a very good concept of letting you decide where to start on the battlefield, a concept I wish was explored further.

COD Black Ops 1: ReMix Review anyone? While the first edition of the review was a fun experiment, it went way too far and provided an overdose of detail. It was really enjoyable making it, but I think I can do it one better. COD Blops 1 is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Will see if I ever get around to redoing the review...

Tron 2.0: Reviewing a game by Monolith Productions reminded me of how much I loved this game. It demands to be replayed, and be replayed soon!

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