September 29, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 55: The Faux-People

The Sims 4: Straight the point! While The Sims 4 is far too expensive for me at this moment in time, and doesn't seem worth the price in any case, I'll simply do the best I can and make a Content Rundown based on videos, wikis, and the like.

Please Note: I won't be able to get everything and will exclude player created aspects of the game for obvious reasons. (Far too many.)

Other Games: I've made a pact with myself (lol) to not make promises about various games I've been reviewing. I'll simply state what I'm busy with at the moment, how far I am and if I'm reviewing them. Okay?

Racing Games: I've realised that, besides Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, we've done very little racing games. I hope to change that soon with many reviews of racing games.

Assorted Games: Look, I've got far too many games to finish and way too little time to finish them. I'll see which ones I get done, but for now, let's stick with the most current games. Like The Sims 4.

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