September 08, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 53: The Waking Dead

Good news everybody! I'm back on the internet after moving and ready to get back to spite of being sick. Yep. 

The Walking Dead Season Two: Now that all the episodes have been released, I can finalise the review of the whole season and post it. Tune in this Wednesday for it.

System Shock 2: No, I've not forgotten about this game, I've just gotten distracted and unable to finish up the review and by extension, the game itself.

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty: I'm just never able to finish this game. Let's hope I can change that sometime before the year ends.

Fallout 3: I've yet to finish this game as well, but once again, I've not forgotten about it and it will be reviewed soonish.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines: This one may take a while to finish up, but rest assured, it will be done as well.

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