August 18, 2014

Lyriticus 0004: Restart

Apologies for the awkward silence last Monday. I was having a bad week and needed a bit of a break from Lyriticus to figure out a new schedule.

...I figured out a new schedule:

First Sunday of every Month: A review of a music album or a movie. TV Show Seasons are possible, but I'm not doing those this year. Also, The Lyritical Analysis will debut sometime this year or early next year, but I still have to fit it in somewhere in the schedule.

Hang in there, folks! This blog's still just starting up...

Music Singles: Whenever I want. Yes, you read that right, I post reviews of music singles whenever I want. I'm not a lazy person (for the most part) so you need not worry, you will see Music Singles being reviewed. 

Since Music Albums often incorporate songs with no accompanying music videos, those will reviewed too. Heck, those can be done within half an hour and posted on the blog in no time. 

*shrugs enthusiastically if there is such a thing as shrugging enthusiastically*

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