August 18, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 50: *mic check*

Well, this is awkward. For the first time in this blog's history, I literally have nothing to write about. So, I thought, why not take a look at some of the excellent games to come late this year and next year?

(It's better than nothing, a'right???)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Yes, I know, Call of Duty has slowly become the laughing stock of the gaming community. But Advanced Warfare looks like it may be a big step in the right direction for the series.

The new three-year development cycle will only do the series good. Advanced Warfare has a new engine (if I did my research right) which is also a good step for the series. All in all, I'm excited to see what the new COD holds, even if it may turn out to just be more of the same.

Batman Arkham Knight: In three words, Can. Not. Wait! Arkham City was a bit of a mess with all the different Batman villains over the years thrown in together to create a very loose plot with a very effective ending.

Arkham Knight will continue on from there, with one new villain specifically created for the game. All the other villains from previous Arkham titles will reappear, which is a good thing in my books because it will bring the entire plot full circle, which won't happen with an entirely new cast of villains.

As for the Batmobile...hehe, nothing needs to be said. I can't wait to giggle like a little kid whilst driving around in every ten-year-old's dream vehicle.

The Sims 4: This one's not too far away, so my impressions are widely shaped by what we've seen this close to release. TS4 looks like it will fix things I found to be at fault with The Sims 3, including the lack of focus on the smaller things and more focus on bigger things, which detracted from the experience for me.

TS4 has very low system requirements for a modern game and it also happens to be a largely off-line experience, which is good. Let's not repeat SimCity, EA!

Community Question: Would you like to see forums for KVR Gaming soon? (Yes, these questions actually belong in a forum, so that's why I'm asking.)

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