August 11, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 49: The Dark Knight

Batman Arkham City: Good news everybody! The long awaited ReMix Review is almost finished, it just needs a little bit more editing and it will be done. This Wednesday!

System Shock 2: Yet to finish this game, but I have "acquired" it's spiritual successor: BioShock. System Shock 2 is a bit old by today's standards, but oh well, I'll keep it in the review queue.

The Sims 4: Oh gosh, how I would love to review this game! While the review may take a while to write because of the scope of the game, The Sims 4 is currently number 1 at the top of my review list. Coming soon!

Community Question: Oops, I forgot to put this up last week. I only got one comment on my previous Community Question and that wasn't posted. Thanks to the person who took the time to leave the comment in any case.

This week's Community Question is: What are your top five favourite video games, and why?

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