July 02, 2014

Wolfenstein The New Order Content Rundown

Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who-oh wait......that's NOT what a "Wolfenstein" is?


Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg

Verdict: Mature Gamers Only (For Strong Gory Violence and Brief Sexual Content.)

Release Date: May 2014

Developer: MachineGames

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows.

Genre: First Person Shooter

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A man with both his eyes missing (bloody holes shown) is thrown on to a table and a machine cuts his back open, the skin folding over as another machine removes part of his skull (the bloody piece of flesh being shown) and drills into his head, all while he screams horribly. (This is is shown from the side.) His brain is deposited into a nearby jar shortly afterwards.

--A man is stabbed in the chest up close, and the knife is pulled up his chest, slicing even further as he chokes and blood spurts out. He bites the attacker in the ear, tearing part of it off, with blood splattering all over the man's shirt as he spits the chunk of flesh out onto the ground. He then stabs him twice through the head very quickly; this is bloodless.

--A man is stabbed several times; he pulls out a grenade and it explodes; we see his head exploding into blood for a split-second. Afterwards we see his mutilated corpse with his charred head lying nearby and legs missing, blood spewing from his neck and lots of blood on the environment around him.

--A woman is attacked by a robot which latches an execution disc over her head. She falls to the ground but stands up, facing your character, and we see that part of her jaw has been torn away, her teeth missing and blood spilling out of her mouth. This is graphic and is shown for quite some time.

--Several people are shot during the game; we see blood spray out, staining the environment, cries of pain being heard. High powered weapons can dismember foes, with heads exploding, limbs falling off, all with lots of arterial blood squirting out.

They can also be taken out with a knife, with your character rapidly slitting throats with a quick spurt of blood shown, or by stabbing enemies with a crunch being heard. 

In one scene, your character stabs a soldier with a knife, we see the neck being torn and hear squishing as lots of blood flows out. This goes on for quite some time. In another scene, he stabs a fallen soldier several times with blood squirting out in slow-motion.

-A soldier shoots a screaming woman in a hospital bed and shoots a doctor and a nurse who try to intervene. Blood sprays are shown as he shoots them and he shoots the nurse again in the head as she falls to the ground. He then shoots another patient with a pistol in the head up-close, blood spurting out on the bed beneath him. 

--We see several dead bodies during the course of the game, some of them are bloodied, with the environment around them stained with splatters and pools of blood. A few corpses are burnt, with the charred, bloody corpses being shown in detail.

--Mechanical Warriors are also depicted in the game, which can be blown up with explosions shown and wreckage flying everywhere.

-Players can be attacked by cyborg dogs. Players have to stab them repeatedly with blood squirting out until they fall over dead.

-Huge cyborg soldiers attack your player with their fists, they can be shot and blown up, with the human part of the cyborg exploding into blood and leaving a bloody carcass on the floor.

--Explosive weapons, like grenades, projectiles and barrels are used to kill enemies. The enemies explode into bloody chunks of organs and bones with a huge spray of blood.

-In two separate scenes, blocks of concrete fall on wounded enemies with blood splattering and a crunch being heard.

--A soldier is decapitated by a helicopter blade up-close; a fountain of blood sprays out as his head falls off. We see this in detail for about 10 seconds.

--There are several sequences where explosions go off, destroying environments, vehicles and planes. In one sequence, a bomb goes off and a giant statue is knocked over, destroying an entire road with lots and lots of wreckage everywhere.

Context of Violence: Shock Value (A lot of the violence is done for the sake of shocking the player, which it does quite well in some scenes in an over-the-top manner.)


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A woman is shown gyrating on a man in bed, the sides of her profile visible with accompanying side effects. This goes on for about 15 seconds.

-A man and woman do the deed, groaning being heard and motions shown, no nudity depicted. Objects fall over in the opposite room due to the action. They are interrupted after 5 seconds. 

--A man mentions that he was nearly taken advantage of, a woman talks about a man becoming sleepy after having done the deed and references bodily fluids, and a man says "I'll [expletive] the pig, you hold the ears" as a figure of speech.

-A man jokes that the daughter of the woman is not his, he only donated the "secret sauce", a woman makes you choose between a picture of a woman's eye or mouth as to which "excites" you the most, and a woman mentions that she took pills to terminate a pregnancy. (Unsuccessfully.) And she mentions of more attempts to terminate her pregnancy. (Successfully.)

Context of Sex/Nudity: Fanservice


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Infrequent Uses of C**t, F**k, and S**t. A couple of strong English expletives are also used.

--God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Context of Language: Grittiness

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A brief discussion about churches, with a man stating that he's a Southern Baptist and sarcastically asking an Englishman if they have any churches in England.

-A man cries out to Jesus to save him from his situation, eventually he begins cursing at him using the F-word and calls him an "a**h*le".

--Mentions of an ancient mystical society, which bears a Hebrew name, who are a Gnostic organisation trying to understand God through "knowledge".

-We see several symbols related to the organisation, including the Hexagram and the Triskelion, and a man talks about the Hammer of Thor and that his machine is powered by lightning, channeling "Asgard".

Context of Spiritual Content: References and Symbolism (The Hexagram and Triskelion are both archaic symbols, and the game contains several references to an ancient Jewish mystic order which seems to borrow elements from the Kabbalah. It also features a reference to Norse mythology.)


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A man jokingly calls American soldiers "Beer boys".

-A couple of characters smoke cigarettes, some environments contain liquor bottles and empty glasses. 

--There is a scene of drug usage where two people ingest drugs and briefly trip out on it, seeing all kinds of "pretty" colours.

Context of Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Usage: Cool Factor, Atmospheric.

Gross Stuff/Gore:

--A man throws up in reaction to mutilated corpses, the fluids being shown and all, a man urinates into a toilet with water dripping being heard, and when your character executes him, he pushes him headfirst into the toilet water and stabs him in the head.

Scary Stuff:

--The Panzerhunde chase your character through environments and in some sequences you have to run from them. Needless to say, these moments get pretty tense.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

The game's protagonist is shown as a morally upright soldier who will go to any length for his allies. On the flipside, his attacks on the Nazis go beyond simple executions into downright torturous executions and

Morality Type: Black and White

Thoughts & Impressions:

I'll cut to the chase: I always had a good instinct about games, even from just watching playthroughs like I did for this one. While I never really bothered to follow this game throughout it's development, I severely regret that decision now because this is one game worth getting HYPED for!

Wolfenstein The New Order tells the story of William "BJ" Blaskowicz, an Allied soldier who wakes up after 14 years in a coma to discover that the Nazis won World War 2 and have taken over the world.

He makes contact with a resistance and a young fighter named Anya, with whom he quickly forms a relationship. It's up to them and the rest of the resistance to bring down the tyrannical Nazi empire from within the belly of the beast.

The gameplay is the usual for a shooter game, but with just enough spice to make it worth playing. This game doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does add a firm layer of polish to it. The story is very compelling to say the least.

You'll be swept away in the plot's many twists and turns, the high impact moments and the likeable characters. The ending does fall somewhat flat, but eh, it does it's job well enough. 


If it weren't for the strong violence, this game might have gotten a Caution Advised. There, I said it. The sex scenes aren't the only reason this is getting a Mature Gamers Only! Although I will put them in the verdict, because otherwise people will buy the game and get mad at me for not warning them. So yeah. There you go.

Rant aside, the game does shy away from being too graphic. Mind you, the two scenes are suggestive and detailed, the second one being rather crude and indecent, but they are quite brief.

They also take place in cutscenes, so they can possibly be skipped over. Or you could just turn the monitor/television off for a few seconds if all else fails? Okay, okay, it's an outside the box solution, so the game won't get away with it in any case.

But what can't be skipped is the game's MANY scenes of violence. There's so much gore it's almost funny. Yes, almost funny. Believe me, people sensitive to violence should avoid this game at all costs.

The language is also a concern, featuring strong words being spoken at certain points. It's not as frequent as other games, but it's still there. The game also has some spiritual references to an ancient gnostic society. All in all, this game is for the Mature only.

Verdict: 18+

For Strong Gory Violence and Brief Sexual Content.

Outro: Leave to the oldest to be the newest in the realm of FPS games. This calls for a (non-alcoholic) celebration! Who's with me?

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