July 28, 2014

Lyriticus Log 0002: Segregation

Hello again!

Yes, hello again! Yes, you! Hello! I greeted you, now greet me back!

Fine, be like that. Here's your updates. Freaking people...

Blog: Okay, so first thing's first. Reviews and Analyses will be made into two separate posts from now on. As I said before, I want to avoid burnout way ahead of time and having to find something to analyse in every single song or movie will be way too exhausting and, ahem, superfluous.

Album Review: I'm still deciding which album should be the first to be reviewed on this site. I'm looking to do something which doesn't require much analysis but still provides good material for a review. I've kinda decided which album will be the first, so stay tuned for more details.

Life of Pi: The first ever movie review on Lyriticus, up this coming Sunday! So yeah, I really wanted to analyse this movie but as it turns out, I need a lot more time with it to go over the themes and philosophical statements before I can provide you with an accurate analysis.

An analysis is sort of like an essay; it needs a point, a message, and a firm conclusion. I need to make a statement about the movie, not just throw a bunch of esoteric mumbo jumbo into a post, truss it up with a cheesy pun and self-referential humour and then call it a day.

No. The Lyritical Analysis is your home for accurate, in-depth examinations of Pop Cultural works with the purpose of informing, entertaining, and giving you the feeling that you've just upped your IQ points by exactly 3.14159265359 digits.*

*(Nerd joke.)

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: We're going epic soon with the monumental Fantasy, heh, "Epic" series. Or the movie adaptions of the monumental Fantasy, heh, "Epic" series. Whatever. The reviews should be up in September.

And let's just say if you have an ax to grind over the magic themes presented therein, then I have this to say: "Ye shall not pass!"

Nah, I'm kidding. You're always long as you leave your pitchforks at the door and not up my *CENSORED*!!!

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