July 21, 2014

Lyriticus Log 0001: Welcome to the Machine!

Hello everybody! Apologies for the lack of a review yesterday, I decided to be smarter and wisely put it up a week in advance to give myself time to work on other things. As you can see, things are still pretty rough here, but I want to avoid burnout years down the line.

So sorry to just leave you hanging but I really can't afford to do things at the very edge of the deadline. But not to worry! The wait will be worth it.

"Sail" by AWOLNATION: Review, Content Rundown and Analysis inbound. Tune in Sunday for the review. 
Possibility: Very likely.

Coldplay: While I'm not gonna mention which song by the Britpop band I'll review first, rest assured that it will be a good one. (Which means: It will be any of their songs. :P)
Possibility: It's guaranteed.

Movies: The first ever movie review on Lyriticus will be posted next month. I'll let it be a surprise. >:) 
Possibility: See above.

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