July 28, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 47: The Strolling Expired

Sad News: My System Shock 2 Retro Review is far from finished. It's not scary per se, just nerve-wracking. Okay, I'm a coward, that's it, alright!?

Good News: The Walking Dead Season Two had another episode added to the series and my Review of the Season will be updated and put back up this Wednesday.

Even Good-er News: Batman Arkham City FINALLY finished fownloading. Eh, sorry, downloading. (I was trying to go for alliteration and I failed apicly. Epicly. Whatever!) Stay tuned for the ReMix Review. It's coming very soon and will hit the internet before the end of August. ;)

Goody Two-News: You're still getting that Fallout 3 Review sometime. I have to download it again (-_-#) but you will get it soon enough. Unfortunately, the coming Summer Season of video games are going to distract me from that, so I'll try and review as much older games as I can before then.

Community Question: You know what? I don't care for favoritism, so special shout-outs go to InfamousPotato and The_Rebel14 for their comments. I like the one about electric guitars, guys. ;)

This week's Community Question is: What is your favourite video game soundtrack?

1 comment:

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Soundtrack is so catchy....