July 21, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 46: Schedule Change

So I've noticed that I'm delaying far too many reviews for my liking, and I've come to a crossroads: Things get very exhausting having to put reviews up every single week and I have two ways to resolve that:

1. Close down the blog-no wait, only one option...

1. Post less frequently, but with more quality.

The latter...ONLY option is what I chose. As such, Reviews and Content Rundowns will now be posted on a BI-weekly basis and not a EVERY-weekly basis. Basically, every other week. I won't post this week, but I will post next week, and then not the week after that...

I'm sorry for the reduced frequency, but I'm just one man and I have a lot of things happening outside the blog, not the least of which is my new site which needs attention.

However, these updates will still be posted on a weekly basis, since they literally take five minutes to type out. Plus, I plan to make a Community Question/Discussion every week in this Blog Journal posts to inspire conversation and keep things going even when reviews aren't being posted.

Thanks to all of my faithful blog readers for sticking with me through all the ups and the downs, and I hope that things improve even more. Mark my words, this will do the blog good. I promise. :)

Community Question: Well, let's kick things off with a question which I'm sure will inspire a lot of discussion as well: What is the first ever video game you ever played, and what was your experience with it?

I'll pick a random comment to be featured in the next Blog Journal as a little shout-out to those who participate. But even if your comment's not featured, just know that I still appreciate it just as much regardless. 

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