June 30, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 43: Wolfenstein!

Wolfenstein The New Order: Well, this was a pleasant surprise! The newest instalment in one of the oldest FPS franchises of all time delivers on all fronts, with stunning action, great audiovisual quality and a compelling story. (Yes, an actual story.)

The Content Rundown needs a bit of editing to trim down it's length and I still need to add the Conclusion, but it should be done by this week.

Half-Life 2: I haven't played this game further, but I'll resume it soon.


Batman Arkham City: I don't care anymore. This game is downloading NOW. I desperately want to get this ReMix Review published. Arkham City was one of my weaker Content Rundowns, and I want to do the game some justice. Yes, it's coming! Don't you worry...

Batman Arkham City will be BACk!

The FEAR Trilogy: Oh gosh, this still exists. And I've yet to play them. Oops. Well, this is no promise, but I'll look and see if I can review these games sometime. I'm just not in the mood to be scared out of my mind at the moment.

XCOM Enemy Unknown: Hey, if you may remember, I actually wanted to review this LAST YEAR! Well, I finally bought the game after my PS Plus subscription expired and I look forward to doing a review....

....When it finishes downloading. -_-

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