June 24, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 42: Half-Way

Blog: Okay, bad news out of the way first...There won't be a review this week. Sorry folks! It's just that for some reason I couldn't get around to this weekend. I would rather not rush out a review of Half Life 2 like I planned on doing and rather spare it for some other time.

Once again, sorry folks!

Half Life 2: Well, unfortunately I rushed through this game out of an attempt to finish the game quickly, but the review is almost done, it just needs more finesse before I can put it up. As such, I'll have to go through certain levels again to add more notes for the review, which I forgot to do in the rush. (You see now why I'm delaying this?)

Batman Arkham City: Unfortunately the internet is slug-speed at the moment, so this game is taking forever to download. To give you an idea, it's a quarter of the way done. Coming soon......ish.

Wolfenstein The New Order: Apparently this game has a pretty good story, so I'm looking forward to doing a Content Rundown of it. Coming soon!

EDIT: For some stupid reason, Blogger decided to take down this post and make it a draft. SORRY FOLKS! -_-

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