June 16, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 41: Half-Alive

Alright, alright, so first thing's first: I am gonna do a Content Rundown of Wolfenstein, okay? Just give me a week or so, since my internet is so slow...

Half-Life 2: I'm about halfway through this masterpiece, so I might be able to have a review to kick off next month. And dang, Ravenholm is still just as intense as ever!

Retro Review: Well, since I couldn't get Wolfenstein The New Order up this week, I've decided to put up a Retro Review instead. I'll let it be a surprise. Tune in this Wednesday to see. :)

Batman Arkham City: Yes, I'm gonna do a ReMix Review of this one. It's just taking forever to download on my slow internet. But it will be done. A promise is a promise.

New Site: In between working on this site, I've also got another site in the works. While I'll spare you the details to make it more of a surprise, I will say that it will be up sometime next month. Stay tuned!

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