June 09, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 40: Firmware Update

Well, I'm upgrading to a new version of myself today, and it's great aging up......I guess.

But anyway! On to the good news...

Watch Dogs: The rough Areas of Concern for the recent Ubisoft blockbuster is finished. The only thing still needed for this one is the Review and some editing, which can be easily done in an afternoon.

Wolfenstein The New Order: I haven't started with this one yet, but on behalf of the legacy that the original bestowed, it shall be done. Not this week, but soon.

Half-Life 2: The next review-worthy game on my list, this is the game that set the gold standard for PC gaming roughly 10 years back. (Dang, it seems like forever ago.) Make no mistake, this game will get a proper, respectful review.

Indie Game Sunday: Now this is something I'm PLANNING and only PLANNING, for the time being at least. But I hope to review an Indie game every other Sunday. Me and a friend recently discussed the rise of Indie gaming over AAA gaming and I hope to contribute to the trend.

Please understand, this is only being planned and I make no promises of ever doing it. I ended off so many promising series' on my blog due to a lack of time and don't want to repeat that......AGAIN.

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