June 02, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 39: I'm Back! AGAIN...

Sorry for the long period of silence, I just needed a bit of a break. But I'm glad to say the break helped, I'm ready to get back into reviewing! First up, Double Feature!

The Wolf Among Us/The Walking Dead Season Two: Both of these episodic titles by Telltale Games will be updated this week. Look for The Walking Dead updates on Wednesday and The Wolf Among Us updates on Thursday.

Watch_Dogs: Yes, that game with the weird title. Unfortunately this game is quite lengthy so I'll only be able to have a review up next week at the earliest, but I hope that will improve it and make it more detailed.

Half Life 2: Steam has to update this game before ANY reviewing can be done, but please know that this gem will be done sooner or later on this blog!

Deus Ex: The Areas of Concern for this Review is basically done. I only need to sit down and type out the Review of Game which will take me an afternoon. Coming soon!

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