June 30, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 43: Wolfenstein!

Wolfenstein The New Order: Well, this was a pleasant surprise! The newest instalment in one of the oldest FPS franchises of all time delivers on all fronts, with stunning action, great audiovisual quality and a compelling story. (Yes, an actual story.)

The Content Rundown needs a bit of editing to trim down it's length and I still need to add the Conclusion, but it should be done by this week.

Half-Life 2: I haven't played this game further, but I'll resume it soon.


Batman Arkham City: I don't care anymore. This game is downloading NOW. I desperately want to get this ReMix Review published. Arkham City was one of my weaker Content Rundowns, and I want to do the game some justice. Yes, it's coming! Don't you worry...

Batman Arkham City will be BACk!

The FEAR Trilogy: Oh gosh, this still exists. And I've yet to play them. Oops. Well, this is no promise, but I'll look and see if I can review these games sometime. I'm just not in the mood to be scared out of my mind at the moment.

XCOM Enemy Unknown: Hey, if you may remember, I actually wanted to review this LAST YEAR! Well, I finally bought the game after my PS Plus subscription expired and I look forward to doing a review....

....When it finishes downloading. -_-

June 24, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 42: Half-Way

Blog: Okay, bad news out of the way first...There won't be a review this week. Sorry folks! It's just that for some reason I couldn't get around to this weekend. I would rather not rush out a review of Half Life 2 like I planned on doing and rather spare it for some other time.

Once again, sorry folks!

Half Life 2: Well, unfortunately I rushed through this game out of an attempt to finish the game quickly, but the review is almost done, it just needs more finesse before I can put it up. As such, I'll have to go through certain levels again to add more notes for the review, which I forgot to do in the rush. (You see now why I'm delaying this?)

Batman Arkham City: Unfortunately the internet is slug-speed at the moment, so this game is taking forever to download. To give you an idea, it's a quarter of the way done. Coming soon......ish.

Wolfenstein The New Order: Apparently this game has a pretty good story, so I'm looking forward to doing a Content Rundown of it. Coming soon!

EDIT: For some stupid reason, Blogger decided to take down this post and make it a draft. SORRY FOLKS! -_-

June 18, 2014

Deus Ex Retro Review

...You hear that? That's the sound of a thousand gamers reinstalling a classic video game at the mere sight of it's infamous cover.

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg (Head Writer)

Verdict: Caution Advised (For Gory Violence, Mature Themes and Some Suggestive Content.)

Release Date: June 2000

Developer: Looking Glass Studios

Publisher: Eidos

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, OS X, OnLive

Genre: FPS RPG

June 16, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 41: Half-Alive

Alright, alright, so first thing's first: I am gonna do a Content Rundown of Wolfenstein, okay? Just give me a week or so, since my internet is so slow...

Half-Life 2: I'm about halfway through this masterpiece, so I might be able to have a review to kick off next month. And dang, Ravenholm is still just as intense as ever!

Retro Review: Well, since I couldn't get Wolfenstein The New Order up this week, I've decided to put up a Retro Review instead. I'll let it be a surprise. Tune in this Wednesday to see. :)

Batman Arkham City: Yes, I'm gonna do a ReMix Review of this one. It's just taking forever to download on my slow internet. But it will be done. A promise is a promise.

New Site: In between working on this site, I've also got another site in the works. While I'll spare you the details to make it more of a surprise, I will say that it will be up sometime next month. Stay tuned!

June 11, 2014

Watch Dogs Full Review

All this advanced hacking and still not one person has figured out who let those dogs out? 

Parental Guidance Advised for the following review.

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg

Verdict: Mature Gamers Only (For Sexual Content, Nudity, and Strong Language)

Release Date: May 2014

Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC.

Genre: Open World Action

June 09, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 40: Firmware Update

Well, I'm upgrading to a new version of myself today, and it's great aging up......I guess.

But anyway! On to the good news...

Watch Dogs: The rough Areas of Concern for the recent Ubisoft blockbuster is finished. The only thing still needed for this one is the Review and some editing, which can be easily done in an afternoon.

Wolfenstein The New Order: I haven't started with this one yet, but on behalf of the legacy that the original bestowed, it shall be done. Not this week, but soon.

Half-Life 2: The next review-worthy game on my list, this is the game that set the gold standard for PC gaming roughly 10 years back. (Dang, it seems like forever ago.) Make no mistake, this game will get a proper, respectful review.

Indie Game Sunday: Now this is something I'm PLANNING and only PLANNING, for the time being at least. But I hope to review an Indie game every other Sunday. Me and a friend recently discussed the rise of Indie gaming over AAA gaming and I hope to contribute to the trend.

Please understand, this is only being planned and I make no promises of ever doing it. I ended off so many promising series' on my blog due to a lack of time and don't want to repeat that......AGAIN.

June 02, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 39: I'm Back! AGAIN...

Sorry for the long period of silence, I just needed a bit of a break. But I'm glad to say the break helped, I'm ready to get back into reviewing! First up, Double Feature!

The Wolf Among Us/The Walking Dead Season Two: Both of these episodic titles by Telltale Games will be updated this week. Look for The Walking Dead updates on Wednesday and The Wolf Among Us updates on Thursday.

Watch_Dogs: Yes, that game with the weird title. Unfortunately this game is quite lengthy so I'll only be able to have a review up next week at the earliest, but I hope that will improve it and make it more detailed.

Half Life 2: Steam has to update this game before ANY reviewing can be done, but please know that this gem will be done sooner or later on this blog!

Deus Ex: The Areas of Concern for this Review is basically done. I only need to sit down and type out the Review of Game which will take me an afternoon. Coming soon!