April 21, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 36: Snake Snatcher

Blog: Okay, so first thing's first: There will not be a Review or Content Rundown this week. Sorry people! Too much got in the way this weekend and a lack of internet access meant that I couldn't download all the videos in order to make a Content Rundown.

But stay tuned, I'll have one up next week! Speaking of which...

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater: One of my all-time favourite video game stories is getting a Content Rundown. With more than a week to do so, I'm sure this one will come out nicely. :) Stay tuned!

Half-Life 2: My gaming machine has been formatted, so now I'm going to take the opportunity to be organised and only install games which I'll ACTUALLY play. Oh, and Half-Life 2 is going to be reviewed soon. Stay tuned!

Stay Tuned: Stay tuned for some more tunes, here on KVR Tunes! Oh wait, sorry, I mean stay tuned for gaming, here on KVR Games! Dang it, let's try again: Stay gamed for more tunes, here on KVR Tuning!

Oh, whatever, close enough...

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