March 31, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 33: Truth of Sticks

South Park The Stick of Truth: Let's just say I didn't have a good time doing this game, but oh well. It's done now and it will be up this Wednesday. I don't think I'm reviewing a graphic game like this again, though...

Infamous Second Son: Next up on the list of March games is the third Infamous game, which will be a Content Rundown. Looking forward to it!

The Swapper: This game scares me with it's brain-defying puzzles. I've only got two puzzles left to solve to finish the game.

Just two. Yep. Two of 'em. And they're mind-bendingly difficult. Yep. And I've yet to finish the game. Yep.

Batman Arkham City ReMix Review: Strangely enough, I'm just not in the mood to play to video games these days. When I do, this game is going to be first thing I'll finish.

Kyle van Rensburg: Pardon my somewhat muted tone. I've just been very outside of the blog with my film script, work and the like. It's been a pretty stressful month for some reason, but I'm working through it and hope to give you guys some killer Reviews/Content Rundowns! 

Oh, and I'm thinking of shutting down the KVR Gaming Facebook page. There's just nothing going on there, and I don't have an idea what to post to make it unique. I think I'll stick to Twitter and these posts for updates on the blog.

(Facebook is overrated!)

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