March 03, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 29: If it ain't Broke...

...Don't fix it. The blog is going back to it's old schedule, updates on Mondays and Reviews/Content Rundowns on Wednesdays.

Sorry people! Just tried to change something which didn't need changing. But anyways, you got a lot to look forward to, starting with the newest Thief game...

Thief: This should be an interesting one. The content is a bit of a problem and should really offend some of my more conservative readers. Yet, it's also very brief and surprisingly easy to avoid at times.

There are some parts where nudity is inevitable, but it's so brief that it's hard to be phased by it. Whatever the case, you'll have an official verdict this Wednesday.

The Walking Dead Season 2: Finally! The next episode is being released. Review inbound...

The Swapper: This game scares me. And that's a good thing. There will be a review of this brain-melting game as soon as I finish it.

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