February 13, 2014

Community Question Volume 1: Unintentional Gaming Guilt?

We made it. We finally reached the safe house. Which wasn't nearly that hard considering I was playing it on easy, but okay.

My teammates hobbled in the door and stood inside idly, faces blank with artificial consternation. I was about to set foot inside when the devil starting pecking at my ear.

"Kill your friends."

Now, I'll be honest, I went through two very crappy friends at the time and really wanted to kill them as a result, but that would not have gotten me anywhere beyond prison. Besides, it would've been too messy.

"Kill your video game friends."

...Okay then. So never mind the now awkward previous paragraph, apparently he just wanted me to kill my in-game friends whom I had survived an apocalypse with. No problem!

Rochelle swung her head around at me and stared at me like an innocent five year old looking for a goodnight kiss from daddy. I gave her a kiss. By the look on her face, the chrome plated kiss of an automatic shotgun was not exactly what she was hoping for.

She looked at me with with a heartbroken expression and let out a simple cry of disappointment. "Hey, why did you do that?" I felt horrible. My heart was heavy with despair. I felt like I had looked a kitten in the eye and squashed it.

But my mission was to terminate all friends, so I had to put my inhibitions at bay and accomplish my goal. My fire ax greeted Coach's pudgy face with a sickening crack. He didn't even respond beyond a groan, but those eyes, the hurt in those eyes cut straight through my soul.

Swallowing my emotions, I swung it again. And again. And again. He fell over with a cry that was dripping with desperation and shock. Nick walked over to Coach and selflessly helped him up. With an evil smile, I proceeded to floor Coach again.

I swear that the second time Nick helped Coach up, all of my team members shot me disapproving glares, a single echo of disappointment. I let my ax drop to the floor. (Yeah, yeah okay, I holstered it, but don't ruin my flow!) A red medkit in my hand, I tearfully patched Coach up. 

"Thanks, man." 

You're welcome, big fella. ;) 


So my Community Question of the week is this: Which gaming moment gave you a huge bout of guilt in a way that obviously wasn't intended by the game designers?

I'm not talking about games which actively try to guilt you, like Hotline Miami and Spec Ops: The Line, but games where you feel guilty for simply playing a game, even if that never was the intention by the developer.

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