February 21, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 28: Deja Vu?

Yeah, so this happened at the beginning of the week. Why again now?

Well, I've recently decided upon a schedule change, instead posting the Blog Journal on Fridays as a preview of what to expect next week. Oh, and the Pre-Review? It will be posted on Mondays.

This will be the FINAL schedule. 2014 will be the year where everything is focused only on reviewing and not on constant changes! 

Bully: This game seems to be my review choice for next week. Bullying is a very sensitive subject, and I want to see how the game handles it. Coming soon...

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty: Yeah, so my South African internet is really being a pest, and it's interfering with this review. It will come eventually!

Half Life 2: A blog reader recently reminded me to review this game, as I promised, to whom I thank for reminding me. It's just that my internet is really slow and it takes a frustrating amount of time to update on Steam. But a promise is a promise, and I'll uphold it. :)

Batman Arkham City: Same thing here. It's closed to finishing it's download, thank God, so this might be the first one to get a review. A ReMix Review to be exact, but it can just as well be a new review because I'm rewriting it from the ground up.

Thief: So I ruled out buying the game based on some content which I personally think is offensive, but a Content Rundown is still in the cards. And don't worry, I'll be as objective as possible. No judging!

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