February 17, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 27: Give me them Papers, Please!

Papers, Please: To complement my playthrough of the aforementioned game, I've decided to post a review of it this Wednesday. It's a brilliant game with some content issues, but it shouldn't stop mature gamers from being able to play it.

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty: After finishing Papers, Please I'll shift my focus over to conquering this strategy game. The weird thing is that I've actually only ever finished ONE strategy game campaign in my entire life, so this will be a milestone.

Friday Article: This week will not feature another Level Review, since I decided to take more time to make them complete and in-depth, making it more useful and entertaining for you guys. I had to rush out the previous one, and I want to avoid that. So only Friday will not have a post this week.

Guilt Based Gaming: The Community Question format will be a once a month special near the beginning of said month. I want to give people enough time to answer things at their own pace. The rest of the month? Guilt Based Gaming, a collection of several stories where gaming made you feel remorse for your actions.

Pre-Review: I think the Pre-Review concept is a great one, but I want to try something more in-depth with it soon, like maybe a short review card which you can spread around for quick viewing. But for now, the Pre-Review concept is here to stay.

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