February 10, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 26: Major Progress!

For the sake of not getting burnt out, I've decided to shake things up a little: On Tuesdays, we'll have a Pre-Review, a look at the upcoming review on Wednesday just to whet your appetite, and on Thursday, I'll have some community question posts.

Now, these are not the pesky "Answer Right Away or They Die" posts. They are always going to be open for comments and discussions, so even if you post an answer years from now, it shouldn't stop you from starting a conversation.

Review Progress:

The Wolf Among Us: (80%) Editing required. Wednesday deadline will surely be met.

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty: (20%) Poor internet hampering progress. Will resume reviewing soon.

Retro Review: (25%) Reluctance to play the next campaign setting in. Author will take up the task once previous reviews are finished.

Thief: Full Review very unlikely, Content Rundown has a very high chance of happening, almost definitely, once released.

Watch_Dogs: Full Review very likely once released, Content Rundown very likely.

Deus Ex: Review moderately likely, other reviews take priority.

Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood: Author states that the cover is "nice", but Review not likely. Not popular enough.

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