February 03, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 25: Review on Short Notice

So straight off the bat, this week's review, and the game itself, surprised me. I didn't expect either of them to happen. But they both provided me with a review whereas last week I had no hope of having one.

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty: Oh my word! I had a huge urge to continue playing the game again before the weekend even started and then our internet had to be throttled down. Guess this one will have to wait a while...

Fallout 3: But thankfully Fallout 3 isn't full of pesky DRM, so this game can still be reviewed. However, as I said, it's a huge game and it will take some time to fully review.

Batman Arkham Asylum + City: Both of these games deserve freshly made reviews straight out of the KVR Gaming oven. Updates will follow!

Kyle van Rensburg: Speaking of "KVR", I've got an exam tomorrow and need some prayer from you guys. I think I did all my research right, but I just need some prayer that I'll pass regardless.

See you guys Wednesday with a brand new review!

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