January 17, 2014

Verdict Change: Dead Rising 3

Yeah, so after almost giving myself a concussion after facepalming so hard at my OWN verdict, I decided it's time to change it.

Initial Verdict: Not Recommended

My original verdict was decided based on two minor scenes in the game (Warning: Somewhat graphic).

1. A female police officer with a clothing deficiency and a habit of groping herself (I'm not kidding).

2. A man dressed in a S&M costume who has a very phallic looking gun he positions near his crotch, and when he is defeated, a thin stream of liquid spews from it.

You can probably see why I was so quick to stamp the N rating on this, right? But the preceding is actually is very brief and takes up very little of the otherwise rather large game itself...

Reasons for Change:

...Which is why I decided to change the verdict. Those scenes are insubstantial, especially when compared to the rest of the game. I'm usually quite harsh on suggestive content, but in this case, it's pretty easy to ignore. So that's why I decided to change my verdict to:

Verdict Now: Mature Gamers Only

Agree or disagree, I personally think this change is for the better. Games need balanced verdicts, not based on knee-jerk reactions and a desire not to get into trouble with your peers, but on what your gut tells you. (My gut tells me that I'm hungry, but that's beside the point!)

So there you go, that's my new verdict. The Content Rundown of Dead Rising 3 has been changed somewhat to reflect this. I hope you guys like the new verdict!

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