December 26, 2013

Killzone Shadow Fall Content Rundown

Also known as The Only Interesting PlayStation 4 Exclusive!

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg (Head Writer)

Verdict: C (Caution Advised) 

Release Date: November 2013 

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Intro: I don't know what was going on surrounding this game, but it took quite a while before I could find a full walkthrough. Seems like there was an embargo, and it only recently lifted.

But whatever the case, here is Killzone Shadow Fall:

Areas of Concern:

Quick Summary:
  • Violence: Very Heavy (Intensity, Shock Value)
  • Sex/Nudity: Mild (References Only)
  • Language: Heavy (Emphasis)
  • Spiritual Content: Mild (References Only)
  • Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco: Nothing
  • Morality: Okay (Black and White)


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--Soldiers and civilians are gunned down, with blood spraying, staining the environment and their clothing, and cries of pain are heard. In some sequences, defenseless characters are brutally gunned down, with a bit of blood.

--You can stab enemies, with your character plunging a knife or slitting their necks in close-up, crunching being heard with a gust of blood spraying out. You can also throw your knives at enemies, with the blade impaling their heads. In one sequence, you stab a man in the throat, and blood is shown spewing out for quite some time.

-Necks are broken, with the head twisting around and a crack being heard.

--Soldiers and people can be set on fire; they flail around whilst screaming, and eventually fall over, dead.

--Your character is restrained in a chair and electrocuted with a prod; he screams horribly as the screen shakes around.

--In one scene, a woman shoots herself in the head, blood spraying out and her head jerks back as she dies. 

--We see several dead soldiers throughout the game, with bloodstained environments and pools of blood underneath them. In one sequence, we see charred corpses with burnt skin, obviously after they had been burned.

--There are several sequences where explosions go off, resulting from projectiles, bombs, and grenades. In a few sequences, buildings are destroyed, with large amounts of wreckage falling around you.

Context of Violence: Intensity, Shock Value (The violence is to show the intensity of the central struggle, and certain acts of violence are shown for shock value).


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--It is mentioned that a man received "Physical Gratification" as a statement of loyalty.

Context of Sex/Nudity: References Only.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Very Infrequent Uses of F**k, S**t, and other profanities.

--God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Context of Language: Emphasis (The language is used to emphasize key moments in the storyline).

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A man's codename is "Zeus"...

Context of Spiritual Content: References Only.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive



Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

While not the best, your character does stand up for what is right, and betrays superiors when necessary. You have the option of killing civilians. This game does not penalise you for doing so, but it never encourages it.

Morality Type: Black and White (You either make good or evil decisions. Nothing in-between).

Thoughts & Impressions:

IGN: (8.0) There’s never been a better time for everyone to be paying attention to the Killzone franchise, because Shadow Fall is a step in an all-new, very welcome direction.

GamesRadar: (4/5) Sure, Killzone: Shadow Fall has its lulls, but it's a mostly enjoyable experience from start to finish. This is no doubt the PlayStation 4's strongest exclusive launch title.

Destructoid: (9/10) ...It’s beautiful. A stunner. Killzone: Shadow Fall is the game that will make you happy to own a PS4. This needs to be on your PS4 launch game list.

Edge: (6/10) [Killzone] happens to be a serviceable FPS. It’s one that takes a few welcome steps forward for Killzone – with more open environments and, thanks to the OWL, greater mechanical flexibility – but leaves the genre exactly where it was. Here’s hoping that as the generation matures, the Helghast and their ilk get smarter.

My Thoughts: 

The game has great graphical detail. And the environments are beautifully designed. One thing lacking in quality, however, is the story.

While gameplay may be the most important aspect, without a solid reason to keep playing, you'll eventually lose interest. To top it off, the game has a hugely disappointing ending, one of the worst in recent game history.

However, it looks good enough to get on PlayStation 4, even if the story falls flat. Guess that the PS4 will have to wait for it's killer app...


This is a pretty average shooter. It involves betraying your superiors, shooting all the bad guys, and you have the option of killing as many civilians as you like (you are never encourage to do this).

The language is surprisingly minimal, which sets it apart from so many other shooter games, who feel the need to pepper every single line of dialogue with some kind of swearing.

As such, the game can be a given a simple Caution Advised.

Verdict: 14+

For Some Bloody Violence and Very Infrequent Swearing


And there you go! I'm going to be posting an short update tomorrow, so tune in then!

Writer Bio:

Kyle van Rensburg is the Editor-in-Chief of KVR Gaming. He likes cookies.

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