December 03, 2013

Borderlands 2 Areas of Concern

This ain't no place for a hero...

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

General Violence: 

--You fight several creatures and humans/humanoids with guns, knives, and explosive weapons during the course of the game; blood sprays in moderate to heavy amounts, staining the environment, limbs and heads can be blown off, the enemies grunt, yell, and scream in pain, and fall over when killed. Some of them burst into corrosive green goo, damaging anybody nearby, including you. The liquid swarms you and "corrodes" you, eating away at your health slowly.

Heads can also be blown off, with a big blood burst. Some of the enemies' skulls explode out of their necks, and the bloody spine sticks out when this happens.

Some of the creatures have growths on them which you can shoot, causing the growths to explode with blood and goo spraying.

You can also set the humans and creatures on fire, with cries of pain being heard and they flail around.

Some of the more high-powered weapons can blow enemies' heads off, and their legs and arms are also blown off with blood squirting out. At times, the enemies are blown apart completely with boots and arms flying and a lot of blood spraying.

--A few dead bodies are seen lying around in the places you go to, with lots of blood stains on the bodies and environments.

--When your character gets injured, blood stains the screen, and screams of pain are heard. After you have been shot enough, you fall over, and slowly die as you shoot at enemies. When you die, you are transported back to a previous save point and start from there again.

--You can use several abilities that electrocute enemies with them convulsing, and open a black hole which stuns enemies, with cries of pain being heard.

--You can blow up several vehicles, with explosions being seen, and the people inside fly out whilst on fire.

Most of the game consists of the above, with little to no variation in the storyline.
Storyline Violence:

--There are several instances of bloody violence: 

-A car is hit by a train, with an explosion being seen and the people on the car fly in slow-motion; one guy is seen with blood on his face. The car lands on the train after it twirls through the air. A man inside stands up, and is hit by a beam, blood spattering on the sign in front of it.

-A ninja jumps over a man and stabs him in the back with a sword, blood spurting out. The sword protrudes out of the man's stomach. The ninja then kicks another man into the sword, with blood squirting out. 

-A bloodied man lies on a table with blood all over the room around him. We see a doctor stabbing him with a syringe in slow motion, blood spurting out. The doctor is implied to be a psychopath who enjoys hurting patients.

-You take a midget, attach him to a cable, he screams ecstatically for you to kill him as a sacrifice to a woman who they mistook for a goddess, and he yells in ecstasy as you pull the lever and he goes into the fire, and we see him explode and fall down. (See Spiritual Content)

The scene is very silly and over the top, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

-A man sits in a car, which is then crushed, and a lot of blood sprays out and falls down like a waterfall. This happens quickly.

-A girl pushes the lever down on an explosive, and a man explodes into a shower of blood. This happens quickly, and it's played for laughs in a darkly humourous way.

--There are several sequences where explosions occur, with wreckage flying and people being sent flying.

--There are a lot of jokes made by the enemies referencing cannibalism, like: "Oh look boys! Fresh meat!" "You remind me of my mother.........I ate my mother." A lot of the threats made by enemies can be disturbing too, like: "I'm... gonna choke and stroke your lifeless body!"

For a complete list of enemy dialogue, (NOTE: Language) go to these links:

--A man is shot through the chest; blood spurts out, staining the camera, and it leaks out and stains his shirt. 

-Later on, a wounded man with blood all over his body stumbles around with blood leaking out of his stomach, dripping on the ground.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--There are some references/jokes about incest:

A woman mentions that bacon is for "products of incest".......A woman says that she suspects that her brother has a crush on her. He scoffs at the idea----and admits he only has a tiny crush on her........A man says he has a girlfriend with a great body, and she is distantly related to him.

--There are some mentions of gay marriages, and people from both genders remark that you are attractive.

--We see some photos of a fictional woman posing in her underwear. You have to pick up the photographs, and then can return to a man or the woman in question.

-A man tells you that if you just come across some porno mags, you should "snag" it for him and give it to him. (These are all optional missions.)

--There are a few sexual references: 

A man says that a woman, his ex-girlfriend, is probably having a hard time after "s***ing down" prime rib, and having to chow down on hamburgers after that. He then says he's referring to D***s. 

-A poem ends with a man mentioning he wants to put his "b**e" in a woman.

-A man mentions that you can use a lot of money to "fornicate" with members of the opposite, or same sex.

--A level's name is "ORE CHASM", which is clearly a double entendre. (OPTIONAL: YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO THIS LEVEL IN THE GAME!) 

There are a lot of sexual innuendos said at this place, like: (Warning: Some sexual references follow...

...obviously, but just to warn you.)

A robot says he has to be reprogrammed for sexual innuendos, and he says a woman increased his "HARD" drive. Afterwards, if you try to talk to the robot, he only says one thing repeatedly: "SEX"

The robot then spouts obvious innuendos and double entendres at you, some of which may be semi-explicit. These comments are brief, but they can be avoided by not visiting the entire ORE CHASM section all together.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

Frequent Uses of P**s, H**l, D**n, A*s, Freakin', C**p, Darn, Butt, B**ch, Bl**dy, S*d, T**s, B**ls, Bum, D**k, Junk, Turd, P**sy, and F**k. (F**k being Bleeped out, and maybe used uncensored.)

God and Jesus' name are used in vain infrequently, mostly uses of "Godd**mit!"

A lot of insults and name-calling occur, like Jerk, Jerkbags, Screw that guy, Suck it, Idiots, Morons, Scumbags, Punk, Buggers, Tool, Jack-off, D***hebag, and Sucker.
Spiritual Content:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--A woman is called a "Siren". In mythology, these were women that seduced sailors out at sea. The woman has powers she got from being abducted by aliens, such as telekinesis. (picking people and objects up and throwing them.) A man refers to it as "mystical powers", but they are not.

At one point, one of these woman falls down like a fireball, and "wings" protrude from her back. The wings are holographic.

--We see some symbols of skulls, hearts, stars, eye of Lucifer type drawings, and a black-and-white checkerboard floor.

--A woman mentions that she inspired a cult, and that you need to infiltrate them. You encounter the leader, who has a few skulls on his head, and he asks you to burn a few people alive and bring their ashes to him. You do this by shooting enemies with regular weapons which set them on fire, and then collecting their ashes.

After you give it to him, he mentions that there are "idolators" who betrayed his cult. The description for the mission reads "Thou shalt not have any other gods before the Firehawk". You then kill the "False idol/god" and he says that he can feel the "Firehawk smiling down upon us".

You do a few more tasks for the cult leader, who makes up insane theories about the Firehawk showing signs and stuff like that.

You then take a midget to burn him for the cult. He is hanged on a cable, he is taken into a flame, and then he explodes and falls down. Throughout, he screams ecstatically, happy to be incinerated. 

Later on, he says you have set alight "heathens" as a sacrifice to the Firehawk. The woman who inspired the cult, the Firehawk, appears and tells them their goddess is very disappointed, right before they try to sacrifice a terrified "heathen".

--A man mentions that creatures like to morph, and that you should take an "evolutionary injector" to, ahem, inject them with. 

--There is mention of a cursed gun, and a lot of people have apparently fallen ill because of it. It turns out later that the gun is designed to have a really annoying voice, and that people may believe it is cursed and become "ill" from the voice as a result.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy  

--A man mentions doing something like a "snort happy rid-head on a slag binge." Probably a drug reference. 


--At one point you visit a bar, with liquor bottles being seen.

--A man mentions that another man is good at drinking "booze" and he is probably sleeping it off right now. We later see the exact same man taking a swig of "booze". The man then makes occasional allusions to getting drunk and having a hangover.

Gross Stuff/Crude Humour:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy

--A few references to bodily waste:

-A few monsters jump out of holes in walls, which a robot calls "Wall sphincters". He later says "SPHINCTERS!" as a swear word.

-A man says "Ah, fecal matter!" as a curse word. 

-A use of "Holy nutballs!" 

-A man mentions that he's gonna make another man choke to death on his own feces.

--A man calls an enemy type "b**erfarts", "b**er" being a crude slang.

-A man mentions putting a bullet in a monster's "c***h-mouth", c***h being another crude slang.

--A level's name is "Satan's S**khole".

--You can go to a bar and interact with slot machines, earning money which you can use in-game.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Non-existent. You shoot several creatures and humans indiscriminately, but most of the time they are bad guys. Still, this game features a darkly humourous tone and morality doesn't feature strongly.
Thoughts & Impressions:

What it's about: You play as the Vault Hunter, a treasure, erm, hunter, who is looking for the, um, Vault, on the legendary and dangerous planet of Pandora.

Along the way, you are betrayed by the game's main antagonist, Handsome Jack, a man who wants to get to the Vault and control the Warrior it contains so that he can rule over the planet with an iron fist.

You have to stop Jack from being a naughty boy, and you collect loot and guns. Lots of guns. 

What I think about it: Borderlands 2 looks to be a great game with a lot of content---to the point of being over-bloated and long. Like I mean, long. Like as in, really long. Like, really really, long. Like, really really really really---you get my point.

In spite of it's questionable length, it contains a lot of funny characters and mostly funny jokes too, even if some of them are crude and border on being vulgar.

It features a lot of "loot" and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots---*Deep breath*---and lots and lots and lots and lots of GUNS.

Like, millions of them. Seriously. The game engine generates random guns using the various parts they are comprised of. Therefore, a lot of the parts are randomised.

Lots of guns + lots of different parts + randomization = a WHOLE lot more guns.

So what that means is that there are a whole lot of guns. Like lots and lots and lots---okay, next subject. :) 

Apparently Borderlands 1 had a disappointing ending, which disappointed the fans greatly. Sad to say, you won't be more satisfied with Borderlands 2's ending which features your standard cliffhanger and sequel hook.

Quality Verdict: But for what the story is, it's a lot of fun to listen to all the characters ramble on and spout insults at each other. This looks to be a game that's worth playing with your friends, and one where you can just relax after a long hard day's work and enjoy looting the lots of guns this game contains. (Did I mention that there's a lot of them?) 
I'll have to actually play the game to see if it's as fun as it looks, but as the guys doing the playthrough I watched were having tonnes of fun, I believe you will also have a lot of fun.
So it appears to be a solid game with tonnes of fun stuff to do---and guns. 

Looking at this game, it's the poster boy for it's rating. In my conversations with some people over the content, they were divided. Some said it was okay, some said they didn't like it. This is my opportunity to show what this rating really entails.

You probably skipped down to see what it is, but for those who didn't, READ ON like obedient little minions.

There are games that won't appeal to all Christians. In fact, most Christians will probably avoid this game for a good reason. 

Ultimately it comes down to what God thinks. I prayed, and decided:

The midget getting 'sacrificed' is very over-the-top and far from how real cults would do it. It's so far removed from reality, and it's a parody. It wasn't satanic in the least bit.

As for all the other content, I will be making a symbol and occult references index page soon, which you can read to find out why I speak about the Heart symbols, black-and-white checkerboard floors, Women with angel wings, and so on.

The suggestive references are there, but the scantily clad women are in optional sidequests. As such, you only need to be concerned with the dialogue. Be aware that there are some more lines of dialogue in sidequests which may be suggestive.

(I came across a few on YouTube, but I didn't have the time or space to put them into the review.) 

So to sum it up, I can safely say with peace in my heart that this game is rated:

Verdict: Strong Caution (17+)

For Cartoonish Bloody Violence, Very 'Heavy' Spiritual Content, Semi-Frequent Moderate Language, and Suggestive Content.


So that's it! Some of you may be deterred from this game all together because of the content, which is understandable. For me, on the other hand, I would gladly save up money and play this with my homies---being discerning to avoid the suggestive content of course.

But that's not why I rated the game a Strong Caution. It's not my opinion that counts, God's opinion is the only one you should listen to. And whilst we're talking about Him, why don't we just thank Him for the breakthrough that led to video games? The creativity that He gave men, which they may have exploited from time to time, but also used to make a lot of good, video games being one of them.

Special thanks to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Oh, and I would like to thank Daniel Kay, "ZIG", and Henry Combrinck for helping me out with the verdict! (Don't worry. ZIG will reveal his true identity soon.)

Until next time everyone! :)

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