December 09, 2013

Blog Journal Volume 18: Siblings in Hugs

Brothers in Arms: So I recently finished Road to Hill 30 and I have to say, I'm impressed. The story is told from a very "cold" point of view and it works. This is one of my new favourite games, even if the ending could have wrapped up the character arc a little more.

I'm also playing through Hell's Highway, and while the gameplay is lacking in certain aspects, the story is still good as ever. Reviews of the entire trilogy will be put up soon!

FEAR Trilogy: Call me a coward, but I'm still reluctant to dive into this series. I've been dealing with some personal issues recently and I'm not in the mood for depressing or brooding material. I'll get around to this eventually, but not immediately!

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty: Awaiting a machine format first before I try to play this game. But let's just say that the review will be very comprehensive and will not disappoint.

Rayman Origins: The game suffers from repetition, unfortunately, and as such, it may take me a while to fully complete it.

Dota 2: Anyone who kept up with me on social media will know that I had an inexplicable urge to review it. I'm busy downloading the game as I'm typing this post, so you'll be seeing a review quite soon!

Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City: The latter is getting a ReMix Review sometime in the next year. I was dissatisfied with my harsh treatment of it in the initial Areas of Concern, so I'll give the game another shot. Even video games deserve second chances!

The former will be reviewed soon. I'm doing a video playthrough of it as well, so you can even watch the game yourself if you're still unsure of getting the game for your children.

Dead Space 1: Will resume the game shortly. Wish me luck!

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