November 18, 2013

Just Started Playing: FEAR 3

Thoughts & Impressions:

Another game which came with the WB Games Humble Bundle, FEAR 3 is a pretty cool and fun game, if not a scary one.

The game shifts between taught action and chilling sequences, with not much success. The horror scenes are occasionally chilling but never nerve-wrecking, like scouring the halls of Dead Space or even searching an abandoned house in Half Life 2.

I do like the shooting sections, and the solo practice Multi-player is pretty fun, if basic. All in all, while I can't pass a verdict at this time, the game is fun, though lacking..

Areas of Concern:

The violence is somewhat gratuitous thus far, with large splashes of blood, gore, and dismemberments being shown in detail. In one sequence, a demonic entity jumps around and cuts several soldiers apart with resulting blood sprays.

Speaking of demons: I'm not so clued up with the premise of the FEAR series, but there are some obviously supernatural and borderline occultic moments in FEAR 3, the previously mentioned demon being one of them.

Players can also have "Psychic Links" with fallen soldiers, awarding you with points to collect upgrades. Characters in the game are portrayed to be psychic as well.

Sexual content is non-existent thus far. Alma, a female character in the game, is shown naked from a distance at one point, breasts being depicted but its not in a sexual way at all, and no detail is shown. (like nipples, etc...)

Language wise, this game contains some cursing, but its pretty much obscured by the sound of gunfire. I don't know if I'm getting used to it, but I don't recall frequent swearing.

What about you? Have you played FEAR 3? Anything you would like to add to this post? Leave a comment to let me know!

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