November 16, 2013

Just Started Playing: Batman Arkham Asylum

What the heck, let's make a new series: Just Started Playing.

First up, Batman Arkham Asylum....

So I recently acquired the WB Games Humble Bundle from and beat the average, so now I have over nine games and a ton of stuff to review.

The first game I decided to play was Batman Arkham Asylum, because of my enjoyment of the Batman franchise overall. If you want to be technical, I haven't played the full game yet, but the demo. The demo is close enough to the beginning of the game, so let's pretend that I started playing the full game.

Thoughts & Impressions:

I'm really digging the combat system, as well as the overall atmosphere and characters. The hand-to-hand fights are a lot harder than I imagined, and it requires skilled precision and concentration to pull off combos.

I also like the whole stealth aspect, since I'm a huge Splinter Cell, and by extension, stealth game fan, so it will be cool to say how this all plays out.

One problem I'm already seeing, and since I watched a video walkthrough long ago, is that the environments start to become repetitive after a while. Setting a game in an asylum is a cool concept, but you have to shake it up once in a while or else people get bored.

Areas of Concern:

The violence is cartoony, intense, but nothing serious. (Thus far) The Joker is very menacing and scary, as are the many sociopaths housed in this facility.

My biggest concern is the objectification of women. Harley Quinn is the first female character in the game, and she's dressed in a suggestive, revealing way, obviously to appeal to the teenage audience who played this game.

Spiritually, there's not much to be concerned about here, but I will keep you posted.


There you go! I hope you enjoyed this short post. I'll see you guys again tomorrow. Goodnight, and good luck!

(Yeah, I know, it's dumb...)

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