November 22, 2013

Brief Hiatus-Oh hai Indiana Jones!

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade is still buckets full of awesome, hehe.

But anyways, I'm sorry to disappoint once again, but there's no article today because I'm going on a week long vacation, and I need it.

Things have been a bit tough lately, and I feel pretty bored with gaming at the moment so I need to recharge before I can get back to reviewing.

Besides, footage of Killzone Shadow Fall still seems to be under an embargo, so I can't do a full Areas of Concern yet. I will use the week to build up several AOC's, so that I can post them in huge amounts when I get back.

If all goes well, that is.

So once again, I'm taking a break. I will be back, Arnold style! Minus the whole driving a car through the police station thing, but you get my point!

God bless! See you guys, not next week, but the week after. (Probably in December)

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