November 18, 2013

Blog Journal Volume 15: Minimal Punctuation....

Alright so y'all better listen fast because I'm gonna talk fast and break several rules of punctuation so if you have a problem with that here are some punctuation marks: ,,,,,,,,.......;;;;;;;;::::::::

Battlefield 4: I haven't forgotten about this game and I want to get it done as fast as possible so I will look up some multiplayer footage courtesy of TotalBiscuit and finish up the Areas of Concern and Thoughts & Impressions.

Killzone Shadow Fall: Really regretting the lack of money to buy a PS4 but okay no time to mope because I have to finish the Areas of Concern and get everything done snap-snap.

Older Games: I have several older games I want to do ReMix Reviews and Full Reviews for so stay tuned for info in more punctuated posts.

Blog: Everything is going okay but I just need to get my massive amounts of page visitors back so that we can all form a great community and I also need to get my new vision into play.

So that's it! I'll hopefully put up a post tomorrow so tune in then!

Geez, it's exhausted to never punctuate anything, sheesh!

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