November 11, 2013

Blog Journal Volume 14: Ch-Ch-Changes! Again....

Apologies for the slight lateness of this post. I was just busy with work, and an internet outage prevented from posting when I wanted to. But anyways, I'm here, you're here, and the post is here, so smiles all round!


Battlefield 4:

The Areas of Concern section is done, just needs some extensive editing. The game is a real bore-fest, to be honest. Multiplayer is the only thing of value in this game according to other gamers. I watched the entire singleplayer, and while I can't comment on multiplayer, the campaign almost put me to sleep.

Call of Duty Ghosts:

Mediocre as can get, but hey, at least you're getting an Areas of Concern for waiting this long. My advice, the game isn't worth it, even if it is cleaner than most shooters, surprisingly even Battlefield 4.


So maybe the name change wasn't the best maneuver after all. I'm changing Mini Review back to Areas of Concern in the future, and will entitle full reviews as just that, "Full Reviews".

Otherwise, I've done some thinking about my Friday post and reconsidered what I said. Maybe this blog reaching out to secular people in simple ways will help it go far.

Now before any of you throw a fit, hear me out: This is not dumbing down the blog, or removing certain categories, or even removing the verdicts. No, this simply means that the reviews will focus more on choices instead of restrictions.

People want choices, not being told every step of the way what not to do with their lives. There are some games I strongly recommend against, but hey, it's your own choice. Not mine.

As such, expect more posts and less restrictions. This blog will have a honest and far less legalistic approach from now on, even compared to where we are now.

Also, community verdicts and reviews are going to become a thing soon. I'm working on getting forums for the blog and places where people can vote on reviews to add their own verdicts.

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