November 08, 2013

Atheists: Are they Welcome on KVR Gaming?

Alright, so I decided to go with a much simpler topic this time around: Are secular, or any other people with conflicting worldviews, welcome on KVR Gaming?

Short answer: Yes, they are, depending on what they're here for....

Long answer: While I received some complaints that I'm sugar coating content for unbelievers, the truth is far different. In fact, I would be very surprised if I have any secular readers or blog followers.

If there are any atheistic readers or similar on my blog, well, I'm glad to have you here. And you're more than welcome. But I'm not going to suddenly hide my faith away in order to make this blog more "PC" and gain a larger following.

As I've stated before, KVR Gaming became less restrictive of games because I want to avoid legalism as much as possible, and all I got to say to people who object to some verdicts is: Different strokes for different people.

But that's already been covered. Let's get back on topic:

So far, the only reason why atheists have come to the blog is to mock it, mainly based on some misconceptions about the blog's purpose and the odd comparisons to Plugged In Online, which I purposefully made my goal to avoid being like at all costs.

The thing is that people of ANY religion are more than welcome here, but I highly doubt they will find a following here because I will profess my faith and I don't care if people find me odd because of it.

If you are an atheist, agnostic, or anyone else who sneers at this blog's mission, and misinterprets as "BAN ALL THE GAMES!!!" then you're sorely mistaken. Our purpose is to inform Believers in Jesus of content in games and provide them with the necessary information to make their own decisions.

I've reiterated this thousands of times, so my long time readers may be tired of hearing it already, but I will keep on stressing it. This blog is not about telling you what you may not play, it's about giving you the necessary guidance and leaving it up to you to decide if you want to follow our verdicts or not.

I've found that on other Christian sites, atheists are primarily drawn to them because they love messing around with "religious" Christians or they're trying to make sense of why those sites are actually saying.

Or, and this is the sad truth unfortunately, they're just trying to cause trouble for no good reason whatsoever, because: "We're atheists, wise and rational. Debate us!"

No thanks, your debates can take place elsewhere. I don't waste my time, because after any debate, who has changed? Nobody. Everybody still thinks the same way as they did before the glorified argument started.

Bottom line: Sure, you're welcome. But I doubt you'll find a place here since it's only a matter of time before you go looking to start arguments, all because you can't understand why people would believe in anything as "crazy" as a God or Jesus Christ.

My mission is to spread the Gospel of Christ. At one point or another, people will find a problem with that.

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