November 28, 2013

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Content Rundown (Areas of Concern)

Is it just me or do games with the words "Ghost" or "Ghosts" in the title end up being extraordinarily mediocre?


This Content Rundown had a rather interesting start about a year ago when I was really psyched to review it, only for it to disappear amongst a mountain of other games.

So, with a quick visit to the past, I wrapped up yet another loose end. Now only for that long awaited article promised in my Modern Warfare 3 Review.....

Basic Plot: 

When a group of "Ghosts" are massacred, the rest of the Ghost Recon take it upon themselves to avenge their deaths in a very bland plot involving something about conspiracies and other things that explode when needed.

Oh, and a very abrupt ending.

Release Date: May-June 2012.

Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft.

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC.

Genre: Stealth-Action Shooter.

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg.

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--(We see the following through a camcorder) A building is blown up by a missile, and several buildings nearby are shredded as glass rains down on several people, slicing them. One man is impaled in the chest, blood spurting out. A man is shown lying on the ground, gore pooling out beneath him, and a man is hit with a car off-screen shortly afterwards.

It is worth noting that the framing and the panic of the scene may remind some of 9/11.

--Shootouts can occur: Blood sprays are shown in detail, staining the environment, cries of pain are heard and in some sequences, blood sprays from people suddenly and jarringly, sometimes staining the camera. 

(For example: In a close-up sequence, a man is shot in the head, and the resulting blood is shown to be on the screen.)

--Explosions are portrayed, resulting from bombs, grenades and projectiles; shockwaves and wreckage are shown, with characters being knocked back by the blast. For example: One sequence portrays a runway being decimated by the player with an entire airliner being ripped apart in the chaos, wreckage everywhere.

In an extended interactive sequence, a mech armed with missiles fires upon several soldiers and vehicles. 

--In one scene, a man's arm is shown to be on fire, with fiery holes appearing on his forearm very briefly before he falls to his death.

--A man is interrogated with an electric prod: He screams in pain. 

--Throats can be slit: A slicing motion with a little blood is shown, along with some gurgling.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A man seems like he is attempting to take advantage of a woman, but she rebuffs him when he tries to kiss her.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Infrequent Uses of F**k, S**t, B**ch, B**t**d, A*s, H**l, D**n, and an obscene gesture.

--God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--List of symbols:

-Skulls. (Death: Used as an emblem by the Ghosts.) 

-Six point Star. (Witchcraft: Seen as a decoration in a Middle-Eastern country.)

-Five point Star. (Satanism: Standard military symbol, and is seen on the label of soda water bottles.)

--A definition of "Ghost" is shown onscreen at one point, referring to them as the spirits of the dead who come to haunt the living.

--A man mentions that it may be a good time to pray, to which another man rebuffs and says that a government can save him instead.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--Cigarette smoking is portrayed. 

--Beer drinking is portrayed by soldiers.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Standard Action Movie Morality: Good guys save the day and keep the bad guys at bay! Yay!

....Except for one scene where the good guys leave a bad guy to a rather horrific death. 


--Heavy metal is featured in the game's soundtrack at one point briefly.

Thoughts & Impressions:

IGN: (8.5/10) Ghost Recon: Future Solider is a refreshing change from the current trend of thoughtless shooters, and in the moments when everything clicks together, it’s hard to think of a more absorbing shooter. Unfortunately it doesn't always click though, and forgettable dialogue, poor facial animations and inconsistent visuals dent what is otherwise a great game, plus there’s no denying a little extra polish would’ve made a huge difference. 

But if you’re after a superbly paced, thoughtful shooter that boasts a strong campaign and enjoyable multiplayer, Future Soldier is bang on target.

GamesRadar: (4/5) Ghost Recon: Future Soldier feels like a welcome relief from the run-of-the-mill, run’n gun shooters. Co-op involves actual team coordination with the delightful full co-op campaign and horde modes, the team-focused multiplayer is a blast to play with friends and earning unlocks in the in-depth Gunsmith customization system is incentive enough for you to stick with these online modes.

Although Ubisoft missed the mark in creating a genuinely unique, futuristic setting, the tactical, slow-paced gameplay and unique squad-based experience sets Future Soldier apart from the typical shooter.

Destructoid: (9/10) Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the type of title that might be easy to overlook if you're not partial to the franchise, or even if you are tired of warfare in post-modern times, but it's a great title nonetheless. Between the impressive campaign, the myriad of co-op options and the added replayability of the mission challenges, as well as the expansive multiplayer component, it's as solid a package as military shooters provide.

Edge: (8/10) Future Soldier exemplifies a developer honouring the ‘fun first’ ethos of its publisher’s canon, even as it stays true to the seriousness of its espionage licence. Yes, it’s lost some tactical edge, but a disciplined commitment to entertainment focuses the experience. In the overmasculine world of the thirdperson shooter, this is a game that stands out for being delicately beautiful even as it delivers brutal thrills. 


Violence: Very brief, with a little bit of blood. There are some more graphic moments, like the opening scene and an intense scene of destruction halfway through.

Language: Infrequent but occasionally strong. Misuses of Jesus' name do occur.

Spiritual Content: Some very mild spiritual references revolving around the Ghosts.

Verdict: 14+

For Moderate Violence and Infrequent Strong Language.


After a year's delay, the Areas of Concern is here at last. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll see you next week with our regular scheduling.

See ya then!

Writer Bio:

Kyle van Rensburg is the Editor-in-Chief of KVR Gaming. He likes cookies.

November 27, 2013

Review Tomorrow!

EDIT: Content Rundown/Areas of Concern is more like it.

I'm not getting a chance to sit down and fully review free of distractions, so I pushed the review to tomorrow. Hang in there!

November 25, 2013

Blog Journal Volume 16: I lied.

....Told you I would be back, Arnold style. :P

I just arrived at my grandfather's house for a week long vacation. I'll be actively working on Areas of Concerns and articles to post in the coming weeks.

I'll see if I can have one up for this Wednesday, but as I'm on limited internet, it won't be of a recent game. It will be one of many long overdue games I wanted to do but never got around to.

So sit back, and enjoy the next week. :)

(But seriously, go outside once in a while....)

November 22, 2013

Brief Hiatus-Oh hai Indiana Jones!

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade is still buckets full of awesome, hehe.

But anyways, I'm sorry to disappoint once again, but there's no article today because I'm going on a week long vacation, and I need it.

Things have been a bit tough lately, and I feel pretty bored with gaming at the moment so I need to recharge before I can get back to reviewing.

Besides, footage of Killzone Shadow Fall still seems to be under an embargo, so I can't do a full Areas of Concern yet. I will use the week to build up several AOC's, so that I can post them in huge amounts when I get back.

If all goes well, that is.

So once again, I'm taking a break. I will be back, Arnold style! Minus the whole driving a car through the police station thing, but you get my point!

God bless! See you guys, not next week, but the week after. (Probably in December)

November 20, 2013

Battlefield 4 Content Rundown (Areas of Concern)

Return of the slightly orange man simulator!

Note: The following post contains some Mature Content. Parental Guidance Advised. 


So you're scrolling through the internet not too long ago, and a title catches your eye: Battlefield 4.

"Battlefield 4?" You say, "There's a fourth one?". Your confusion may be because of the fact that you've never really cared about Battlefield past the stellar Battlefield 2 way back when in 2005ish.

It may also be the simple fact that this is not the actual fourth title in the series, as there have been several others, and this is probably the fourth one set in modern times.

Huh, guess that explains the 4....

Mystery solved, right here on KVR Gaming! But hey, you know what else we're solving for you today? The content of the actual game itself, a mystery several Parental and Content reviewers fail to clarify in it's entirity.

So tune in, crack open a bottle of water, and let's get cracking!

Basic Plot:

China and the USA butt heads again over something minor and they can't agree to disagree, so they decide to kill each other. Also, people and buildings get blown up. Blah blah! 

Release Date: October 2013.

Developer: DICE.

Publisher: EA

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows (the PC kind).

Genre: First-Person Shooter.

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg.

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

General Violence:

--Several people are shot: Blood sprays out and stains the environment, cries of pain are heard and the injured flinch and spasm in reaction to gunshot wounds. 

-When your character is shot, blood stains the screen. 

--Lots and lots of wreckage and explosions are portrayed, destruction of buildings and the environment being a huge part of gameplay. Vehicles are blown up by the explosions, and people are sent flying when near exploding objects.

--Stabbings are shown: Your character plunges the knife into the neck/chest of the enemy. No blood is portrayed.

--Vehicular violence is depicted: In addition to firing guns and rockets from vehicles, players can run over enemies, who are sent flying or simply collapse dead.

--A few environments are covered in moderate amounts of blood, and the corpses of fallen soldiers can be seen.

Storyline Violence:

--A man shoots a dog, with blood spurting. Not giving up so easily, the dog attacks him again. He gives it a punch to the head, and the dog passes out/dies with a whimper.

--A man's leg is pinned underneath a block of rubble. We see blood forming around his knee. He asks to have the leg amputated; we see your character insert his knife under the knee and pull upwards, and the man screams in pain. The actual cutting is not shown.

Afterwards, he is dragged out from underneath the blood, and we see the bloody stump where the leg used to be, blood trailing behind it. (Insert pirate joke here)

--We see a man's bloody face after being caught in a missile explosion. He lies on the ground, groaning in pain afterwards, before eventually expiring.

--A man interrogates two men by electrocuting them with a shock baton; we hear screams as they convulse in pain. 


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A hidden conversation has two men discussing being reborn in bed, and one man mentions that he had a "threesome" in bed, to which another man mocks him and they joke about where else one would have it, and they mention a "caddie".


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Frequent Strong Language: Uses of F**k, S**t, B**ch, B**t**d, P**s, A*s, C**p, H**l, D**n,

--God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--List of symbols:

-Stars. (Satanism)

-Peace Symbol. (...Not actually a symbol of peace.)


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A few bars are seen in the backgrounds, but no actual drinking.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Standard Hollywood Blockbuster Movie: Good guys save the day and keep the bad guys at bay. Yay!

Thoughts & Impressions:

IGN: (8.5) Battlefield 4 is an excellent multiplayer game that makes the most of its ambitions, proving once again that destruction is a valuable strategic addition to competitive combat, which reaches its full potential with two killer Commanders are bringing out the best in their squads. On the other hand, its single-player campaign is a disappointing, but a functioning and familiar game with overwhelming action and remarkable spectacle.

GamesRadar: (4.5/5) Multiplayer shooters don't get better than Battlefield 4. Incredible destruction, smart map design, and solid tech combine to produce a true showcase for PS4 and PC. While solo play still lags behind, it's a big step up from BF3.

Edge: (7/10) Let all the vision-obscuring dust settle and it transpires that Battlefield 4 is a more conservative sequel than we were led to expect. Neither Commander mode nor Levolution’s scripted destructability have changed the feel or flow of multiplayer in any dramatic way. But that’s not necessarily a problem: 

Battlefield’s pitched 64-player battles have a rhythm that’s still all their own, and the emergent carnage caused when jets, tanks and infantry collide is quite unlike anything else. Its tightly scripted singleplayer game, however, is like everything else, and it sticks in the craw that a tepid story is still sucking up resources when multiplayer has arrived with so many avoidable technical problems. 

DICE has ironed out kinks in the past, and it is sure to do the same here, but will the studio ever get it right on the first pass?

Destructoid: It's probably for the best, then, that Battlefield 4 plays it safe. It's a game full of minor improvements to what remains one of the best multiplayer experiences available but, at this point, there's not much left to improve upon without taking some genuine risks for the sake of innovation. DICE is hitting diminishing returns and I'm curious to see where the series goes from here.

For the time being, however, this approach works -- Battlefield 4's multiplayer is strong enough to carry it. The single-player campaign isn't nearly the waste of time that it was in the last game, though it still ends up being an unnecessary inclusion. One can't help but wonder how much better Battlefield would be if DICE quit striving for back-of-the-box feature parity and concentrated its efforts entirely on multiplayer. I hope that day comes again.

My Thoughts: Well, Battlefield is really starting to become one of the definitions for the word "average". I can't be more bored with it's current direction, and I personally believe that it should stop trying to be realistic and go back to the light-hearted below-the-surface silliness of the old titles.

With bots!


Violence: Average violence. The blood is not high, but it does contain some realism when it comes to injuries and the leg amputation scene is bloody, though not as shocking as one would expect.

Sex/Nudity: The one conversation in the game is a hidden conversation, so not much to worry about here if you're just breezing through the game. However, I believe you should be aware regardless.

Language: Probably the most offensive aspect of the game, with several F-bombs being dropped.

The Preacher and Trent: We basically summed up our thoughts on the Call of Duty Ghosts Content Rundown, but we'll reiterate again: The Preacher dismisses that the game is bad at all and quite frankly doesn't care about any objectionable content.

Trent expresses concern about the content, saying that one should be careful to not let this game influence you, though not saying that it will.

Verdict: 16+

For Bloody Violence and Strong Language.


Well that's one Battlefield conquered at last. Several thousands more to come....

But hey, don't listen to me mope. Tune in Friday for another article on whatever subject my hilariously crazy mind comes up with then.

See ya!

Writer Bio:

Kyle van Rensburg is the Editor-in-Chief KVR Gaming. He likes cookies.

November 19, 2013

No article today

My work got in the way, sorry people! But I actually think this is for the best, because the planned series will be videos instead.

See you tomorrow with my Battlefield 4 Areas of Concern...

November 18, 2013

Blog Journal Volume 15: Minimal Punctuation....

Alright so y'all better listen fast because I'm gonna talk fast and break several rules of punctuation so if you have a problem with that here are some punctuation marks: ,,,,,,,,.......;;;;;;;;::::::::

Battlefield 4: I haven't forgotten about this game and I want to get it done as fast as possible so I will look up some multiplayer footage courtesy of TotalBiscuit and finish up the Areas of Concern and Thoughts & Impressions.

Killzone Shadow Fall: Really regretting the lack of money to buy a PS4 but okay no time to mope because I have to finish the Areas of Concern and get everything done snap-snap.

Older Games: I have several older games I want to do ReMix Reviews and Full Reviews for so stay tuned for info in more punctuated posts.

Blog: Everything is going okay but I just need to get my massive amounts of page visitors back so that we can all form a great community and I also need to get my new vision into play.

So that's it! I'll hopefully put up a post tomorrow so tune in then!

Geez, it's exhausted to never punctuate anything, sheesh!

Just Started Playing: FEAR 3

Thoughts & Impressions:

Another game which came with the WB Games Humble Bundle, FEAR 3 is a pretty cool and fun game, if not a scary one.

The game shifts between taught action and chilling sequences, with not much success. The horror scenes are occasionally chilling but never nerve-wrecking, like scouring the halls of Dead Space or even searching an abandoned house in Half Life 2.

I do like the shooting sections, and the solo practice Multi-player is pretty fun, if basic. All in all, while I can't pass a verdict at this time, the game is fun, though lacking..

Areas of Concern:

The violence is somewhat gratuitous thus far, with large splashes of blood, gore, and dismemberments being shown in detail. In one sequence, a demonic entity jumps around and cuts several soldiers apart with resulting blood sprays.

Speaking of demons: I'm not so clued up with the premise of the FEAR series, but there are some obviously supernatural and borderline occultic moments in FEAR 3, the previously mentioned demon being one of them.

Players can also have "Psychic Links" with fallen soldiers, awarding you with points to collect upgrades. Characters in the game are portrayed to be psychic as well.

Sexual content is non-existent thus far. Alma, a female character in the game, is shown naked from a distance at one point, breasts being depicted but its not in a sexual way at all, and no detail is shown. (like nipples, etc...)

Language wise, this game contains some cursing, but its pretty much obscured by the sound of gunfire. I don't know if I'm getting used to it, but I don't recall frequent swearing.

What about you? Have you played FEAR 3? Anything you would like to add to this post? Leave a comment to let me know!

November 16, 2013

Just Started Playing: Batman Arkham Asylum

What the heck, let's make a new series: Just Started Playing.

First up, Batman Arkham Asylum....

So I recently acquired the WB Games Humble Bundle from and beat the average, so now I have over nine games and a ton of stuff to review.

The first game I decided to play was Batman Arkham Asylum, because of my enjoyment of the Batman franchise overall. If you want to be technical, I haven't played the full game yet, but the demo. The demo is close enough to the beginning of the game, so let's pretend that I started playing the full game.

Thoughts & Impressions:

I'm really digging the combat system, as well as the overall atmosphere and characters. The hand-to-hand fights are a lot harder than I imagined, and it requires skilled precision and concentration to pull off combos.

I also like the whole stealth aspect, since I'm a huge Splinter Cell, and by extension, stealth game fan, so it will be cool to say how this all plays out.

One problem I'm already seeing, and since I watched a video walkthrough long ago, is that the environments start to become repetitive after a while. Setting a game in an asylum is a cool concept, but you have to shake it up once in a while or else people get bored.

Areas of Concern:

The violence is cartoony, intense, but nothing serious. (Thus far) The Joker is very menacing and scary, as are the many sociopaths housed in this facility.

My biggest concern is the objectification of women. Harley Quinn is the first female character in the game, and she's dressed in a suggestive, revealing way, obviously to appeal to the teenage audience who played this game.

Spiritually, there's not much to be concerned about here, but I will keep you posted.


There you go! I hope you enjoyed this short post. I'll see you guys again tomorrow. Goodnight, and good luck!

(Yeah, I know, it's dumb...)

November 15, 2013

What's been going on.....

As I've been very distant from the blog and my social networks, I want to explain why.

In one word: Work.

In a whole post: We got a new printer recently, an Afinia L801 Label Printer to be exact. Just to clue you in to why this is a major thing, the printer is quite expensive, and we got the first one in all of South Africa.

Yay, right? No, not yay. The problem is that such a high profile printer doesn't print everything perfectly by itself, obviously, and we've been struggling for quite a bit trying to get the thing up and running.

The printer itself has some "banding" issues, but we are slowly sorting it out. The big issue comes with the bundled "Plotter", which has caused us a lot of frustration and hair-pulling.

The Plotter has to cut shapes out of the printed illustrations, and the cause for concern is an obvious one: IT AIN'T CUTTING RIGHT!

Now, Mr. Kyle van Rensburg has to figure out how to work the darned thing, and that what's causing the silence as of recent: It's taking a while.

Be assured, it is not my intention to abandon you guys. I want to post every day of the week, but first I have to sort this all out, and then it's smooth sailing from here on out. Hopefully.

So there you go, if you've been wondering why there were no Preacher posts, Newsdays, or other intended "Mini-Reviews", now you know why.

I'll keep you guys up to date over the weekend if I have anything to say, and will also give you some of my thoughts on the gaming world as of late.

In conclusion: I know, you want more posts. They are coming soon. Let me just get all of this sorted out first, and then the games* will begin....

*Awful pun totally not intended.

November 13, 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts Areas of Concern

Everybody hates it so much that they murdered it. It came back as Ghosts!

Or something like that.


Another year, another Call of Duty, another KVR Gaming compulsory Review or Areas of Concern. What can I say? But heck, although a majority of you may already have picked this up when it first came out, I'm still doing this.

Basic Plot:

When a huge, unexpected strike comes from a super cannon thingy in space and destroys America, America must fight back to regain America from South America, and so America decided to make an elite band of soldiers known as Ghosts.

They try and save America.

Release Date: November 2013. 

Developer: Infinity Ward.

Publisher: Activision.

Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC.

Genre: First Person Shooter.

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg.

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, we have chosen to select only the most intense acts of violence in the game.

--People can be shot, sometimes in slow-motion: Blood sprays out, staining the environment, and cries of pain are heard as their bodies spasm in reaction to the bullets. In one sequence a man is shot several times in his side, blood pooling out beneath him, and is finally shot in the head. (Not shown)

--Several sequences feature knife violence: Blood sprays out as the knife is plunged in and cries of pain are heard. In an underwater level, blood flows out, and in space, blood sprays and hangs in the air.

-In a featured sequence, your character stabs a man in the knee and the throat. Your ally brutally chops a guy in the shoulder and neck with a hatchet several times with blood spurting out in large amounts. This happens quickly.

--A dog can attack people, grabbing them by the throat, blood spraying, killing them.

--There are SEVERAL sequences where explosions go off, strewing wreckage everywhere and knocking people back. Lots of detail are shown in these intense sequences. Your character can also throw grenades, lay mines/claymores, and shoot explosive projectiles, with the same results.

--A sequence depicts an injury inflicted upon an animal. It turns to be okay.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--One of the multiplayer maps has a building with the headlines: "All nude girls" and "Pinkieez Gentleman's Club". Inside, we see some poles, and silhouette paintings of women in slightly suggestive poses.


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Semi-Frequent Uses of F**k, S**t, A*s, B**t**d, B**ch, H**l, D**n, and an obscene gesture.

--God's name is used in vain.

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--List of symbols:

-Skulls (Death).

-Pentagrams (Satanism). 

-Lightning bolt (Lucifer falling from Heaven).

--A superweapon is called ODIN, after a major god in Norse mythology.

--A man briefly mentions that they point dead soldiers towards their homes, so that when they reach the other side, they can watch over them. 


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--We see a pack of cigarettes.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

While it may generally be considered good, there are a few very brief but disturbing scenes where soldiers execute surrendered enemies at close range in a very deliberate way.

Otherwise, this is your standard blockbuster story: Good guys save the day and keep the bad guys at bay. Yay!


-Female Soldiers: It's notable that the developers gave people the choice to play as female soldiers in the multiplayer arena. Now while this is just a game, and the reasons may not be to promote any agendas, it may still not sit all that well with the conservative side of gamers.

I personally don't mind this inclusion. 

Thoughts & Impressions:

I decided to take a different route with these sections and give you excerpts from popular gaming review sites, and sums up their thoughts, along with my own:

IGN: (8.8) Call of Duty: Ghosts isn't a reinvention of the franchise, but proves there's still room for innovation within its existing formula. Though at the risk of overcomplicating things at times, its robust multiplayer gameplay, surprisingly fun co-op modes, and lengthy, challenging, and varied campaign makes Ghosts one of the best Call of Duty games to date.

GamesRadar: (4/5) Ghosts is a cookie cutter game with a little touch of alien frosting on top. However, the well-designed multiplayer maps, soldier customization, and polished gameplay is more than enough to sink your teeth into.

Destructoid: (5/10) Contrary to the old saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Black Ops II demonstrated that with style. Ghosts, however, is a dog that simply doesn't want to change. It knows what it is, and sticks with it. It would be a respectable endeavor, if it didn't lead to such an underwhelming and predictable little product. What a sleepy, sleepy dog.

Edge: (7/10) Many will be satisfied by the simple existence of a COD game on the day next-gen hardware launches, but this is a missed opportunity nonetheless. The studio that defined the console FPS in the current generation has declined to do the same here. By the time it gets another chance, it may be too late.

My Thoughts: If you decide to skip over this instalment, life will still be the same, and in fact, you'll not have missed a thing.

The story is disappointing and lacks significant depth, beyond a very superficial familial thematic. Also, why the cliffhanger ending?

At the end of the day, the people who wanted to pick this up will have already done so. The people who hate Call of Duty won't have. And the small amount of people who are undecided?

My advice to you: Honestly, there are much better games. Stay this one out.


Well, in my humble opinion, there's not much to be concerned about here if you are familiar with shooters.

Bloody but not too graphic violence, this is all like a PG-13 rated movie, complete with only one F-word. That isn't a justification, in case you're wondering, but simply a mere statement.

Sure, the violence is a bit stronger than a PG-13 you might say, but not enough for me to drop my example. I was disturbed, however, at the random and unwarranted execution of surrendering soldiers in this game.

It was such a cruel and baseless thing to do, so why are good soldiers so uncaring in their battle to take back what's right? Doesn't make sense to me...

But otherwise, I see no problem with this game getting a Caution Advised.

The Preacher: I'm more concerned about the game's quality than the content, in my humbly correct opinion (just kidding). The Multiplayer features women as soldiers. So? Maybe that will even become a necessity at a time when more people are given the call to arms to defend what's right. But let's not get into hot topics now.

Heck, they didn't even make them incredibly attractive, so you can't argue that it's wrong based on merits that teenagers will play this game and MAYBE lust after them. Huh, even the concept sounds ridiculous...

Trent: I can understand what you're saying, but shouldn't we as parents be more concerned about what our children are playing, especially when it comes to video games that glorify death and violence, albeit in less psychopathic ways?

Ghosts is much milder than Black Ops II, or even 2011's Modern Warfare 3, but is it okay in comparison? Do we really want to have things like this in our system and on our televisions-

The Preacher: You already went over that last week. New material, please!

Trent: ...Okay, so I have gone over it a few times, but I still urge serious caution. Don't allow these games to fuel an already aggressive personality, or even make you develop one, if such a thing is possible.

Verdict: 15+

For Violence, Language, and Spotty Morality.


Another one in the can. Tune in next week for an Areas of Concern of Battlefield 4. Oh and by the way, I'm trying to come up with new posts for the blog, so as soon as this month is over you'll see an onslaught of new content.

Tune in Friday for another article, and I hope you guys enjoy what's left of the week.

Writer Bio:

Kyle van Rensburg is the Editor-in-Chief of KVR Gaming. He likes cookies.