October 14, 2013

UPDAT....Wait for it......E!

Pardon the short delay in posting this little update. Our internet was off this weekend and we only got it back now.

Beyond: Two Souls is beginning to really bore me with its inconsistincies, but I'll still have the Areas of Concern up on Wednesday.

In the meantime, brace yourselves for the influx of games, and by extension, reviews, later this month.

Weekly Milestones:

Beyond Two Souls: Nearly finished, just need to complete the walkthrough. Boring as heck, but oh well.

Dead Space 1: Think I'm going to pull an AMC and upload the first half of the playthrough and upload the second half when I'm ready to play again. Too scary, man!

Kyle van Rensburg: Looks like I'm the lone ranger again, but life is live. Err sorry, I mean live is life. Life is life. Live is live. Whatever!

Otherwise, I'm doing pretty good. Very motivated to start Areas of Concerns for all the upcoming games.

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