October 11, 2013

Some Concerns I Want to Address

Hello everybody! I seem to be encountering a lot of concerns about the blog's direction, the reviews themselves, and just a few general things.

Now, I want to make something very clear before we start: This blog is mine, and everything which happens to it going forward is part of my overall vision for the blog.

Which is? To reach millions of people far and wide with the Gospel of Christ by using our reviews as a springboard to witness when appropriate, and to create a large community of responsible Christian gamers.

For obvious reasons, I can't submit myself to everyone's suggestion of how the blog is supposed to be run, because that would result in complete and utter chaos. In order for something to thrive and innovate, it needs to have a clear, singular vision, not several hundred.

But anyways, with that in mind, I want to address some concerns:

Before I start off, let me just note that I do listen to your concerns, and take them to heart. However, as the preceding states, I can't submit to every request.

Concern: Your descriptions are too graphic! Can't you make them tamer?

Answer: Yes and no, sorry. Yes, in that I do make them as mild as I can. No in the fact that content needs to be mentioned, and described accurately. 

Now you may ask me "Kyle, what's wrong with just saying: There's a brief sex scene. Some nudity?"

That may please people only looking for the basics, right? But it leaves a bunch of unanswered questions in the minds of people like me: "Okay, some nudity? What is some nudity? Is the sex scene skippable? Is it shown? Is it male or female nudity? Both? Huh???"

"Of course Kyle, because then it doesn't make people uncomfortable." Okay.....because apparently any sort of topic revolving around sex is bad to discuss right? No, it's not. I can understand where you're coming from if you find it uncomfortable, because I did at one point during my life as well.

But I also know the reason why, and that's because you believe something about it is wrong. (Which it is not. Vulgar discussions are the problem, but that doesn't mean we jump to the opposite extreme, just to be safe, you know? No.)

At the end of the day, I can't please everyone, and I'm not going to. It doesn't make me uncomfortable when I read the content rundowns on ScreenIt and Kids-In-Mind, because I know that having accurate information is better than vague, and by extension, unhelpful information.

Concern: You're trying to appease secular people by sugarcoating content!

Answer: No, and I'm not sugarcoating content either. What I mean to do with my reviews is inform people, so that they can make their own decisions.

I always hate it when a review tries to decide for me what I play, since I play a lot of games condemned by similar Christian game review sites, and the Holy Spirit never convicted me to get rid of them.

We all have different fights in life, and some people can look past certain content, but not others. (I can look past strong and vulgar language, however, sexual content is a big no-no in my books because I can't look past it.)

Am I saying that somebody playing a game to lust after the women and "enjoy" the sexual content is okay? No of course not. But if the same person plays the game and even though it has suggestive content, and is able to look past it, is that a sin?

That's a question I'll leave to individuals to answer before Christ.

Answer: People need to be able to look to you and see what they can't play-

Concern: No, no, no, no! I'm not Jesus, and I never will be Jesus. I believe that the purpose of Believers is to be a mirror showing a clear reflection of Christ, not to be Christ himself.

"Yeah but you need to set a good example!" Yes of course, but gaming is a largely gray area. Some games may be sinful to play for some people, and other people may find other games sinful. I'm not that measure, Jesus is.

People, don't trust me. Trust Jesus. The purpose of my site is so that you will begin to trust him more, not me. And if you disagree with a select verdict, but the review helped you in your decision to play or not to play a game, then my job is a success, because that's what the site is all about: Helping people grow ever closer to Jesus through their gaming life, and using it to reach other people.


So that's it, I hope this cleared up some concerns. If you have any more concerns, please leave them in the comments. As I said before, I do listen, and will make the appropriate changes, but I can't please everybody.

God bless!

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