October 18, 2013

Advertisements + Future Blog Posts

Hello everybody! So I decided not to post a full article today, and rather to speak about some changes here on the blog.

Next week, I will bring you a new type of article where I speak on controversial subjects. I will also have short posts which I can publish throughout the week in the same series. More details on Monday.

As for the advertisements you're seeing above and to the right, don't worry, I'm not selling out. I simply want to give gamers good links with great prices where you can buy codes for awesome games like the ones you see (yes, its perfectly legal; I wouldn't post links from piracy sites).

So, I encourage to visit the site in question if you want super cheap prices for great games through Steam, Origin, and/or Uplay.

Okay, last but not least, I want to actively reward audience participation with game prizes and the like. Stay tuned for news about competitions and related. 

Also, I have a new URL for the site inbound, so if you encounter any downtime, that's the reason.

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