September 20, 2013

Let's Player Reviews: Vash12349

Hello everyone! 

As some of you may know, I watch a lot of video walkthroughs as research for the Areas of Concern on this blog and recently ventured into Let's Playing as well.

What started off as a hobby in my lonely teenage years when I was still an acne-faced know-it-all, became an otaku in my adolescent years, where I'm now a beard-faced know-nothing-at-all.

Having over four years experience watching Let's Plays, and two months experience actually making them, (my second series is still uploading on my channel.) I decided to try something that I'm sure plenty of you would like:

Let's Player Reviews, where I, ahem, review all the different LPers on the internet. From huge fanbases, to rabid cult followings, I'll take a look at those who ventured beyond simply being couch potatoes enjoying the occasional video game and taken up the hard task of entertaining the never satisfied masses. 

In the second instalment of the series, we're going to be taking a look at who could possibly the most gangsta LPer on YouTube: Vash12349.


(Good luck finding a picture of this guy.) Hailing from the American suburbs, Vash12349 is a wisecracking, quick witted guy who accentuates his dialogue with gangbanger lingo and rap songs.

Vash12349 is also known for his anonymity and cult-like fanbase, who can't help but fall in love with his humourous and warm style of commentating.

Areas of Concern:

Oh boy, this is where the big divider will come into play: Vash unfortunately loads his videos with moderate to graphic sexual jokes, referencing sex acts and genitalia. The amount range from frequent to very infrequent.

What makes me overlook this, is the fact that it's not always there and like NerdCubed's swearing, it often feels extraneous. Not to say it always does, it's part of the gangster lingo Vash has got, but this is what may turn most Christian viewers off.

Now, I've got a bit of a confession to make: Verbal references to sex, no matter how graphic, don't really phase me that much. It's not like I don't MIND it, but I can easily look past it. Believe me, after being on the internet and hearing lots and lots of gnarly things, you get to the point where you can easily ignore it.

(Please don't hit me with scriptures now. Jesus was a friend of sinners, and what kind of "activity" do sinners love to crudely reference? Exactly.)

Otherwise, Vash also drops F-bombs quite frequently, and very infrequently takes the Lord's name in vain.

What was most surprising about Vash is his maturity when speaking about certain subjects, including a recent video where he talked about loving his "daddy", even though so many of today's youth rebel against their parents.

He also called child discipline an effective and necessary countermeasure to growing up "F***ed up", if I were to paraphrase him.

Review of Style:


Vash12349 has been a huge inspiration for me, with his quick wit, random use of pop songs to lighten up the mood and showcase his surprisingly brilliant singing skills.

He also loves older games, so people look for a bit more retro video gaming experience, you've come to the right guy. But there's also more modern games, since Vash seems to enjoy games far and wide.


Very little, other than the fact that his uploads were irregular at one point during his channel's lifetime, but he uploads frequently now.

The vulgarity is definitely a strike, since it kept me back from recommending it to my audience, but for those who can look past it, Vash will grow on you incredibly fast.

Him and me do share one common problem in our playthroughs: We tend to get confused pretty fast if we're trying to say something and an enemy comes up in a video game, making us forget exactly what we were trying to say.

This is most evident in his recent video "Just Playing: Grand Theft Auto V".


So I said all that needed to be said. Vash12349 is one of my favourite LPers, also one of the first three I started watching. Next week, we will take a look at the other two, and that's where my praise will considerably decline......


Best Playthrough: Too many to choose from, but of note is his Dead Space 1, InFamous 1, Uncharted 2, Fallout 3, and Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3, and 4 playthroughs.

Common Phrases:

-Oh snap!

-That's so bootlegg! (When something looks funky or weird.)

-Hey there! Just come over, sit down your attractive A**, and watch me play some video games! (Frequently used introduction.)

-What's that? I wanna touch it. (When he sees a shiny object.)

-I'm gone. (When running from an enemy. The actual delivery of the line makes it priceless.)

-I'm DEAD! (When dying, and used frequently in his Metal Gear Solid 4 playthrough.)

-*squeaky voice* Bye, bye bye bye! (When ending a video.)

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