August 19, 2013


Hello everybody! I know it's been a long time since I posted an Areas of Concern or a Review, but this month, things are about to change.

Wednesday will see my Saints Row The Third Areas of Concern being posted, Friday will have another article, about whatever comes to mind, and the spaces in between will probably be bridged with small posts informing you of what's going on in my life or gaming adventures.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will definitely be reviewed this month, so tune in next week for the review! (If all goes well.)

Oh, and by the way, September 1st is an important date for my YouTube Channel, as it will see a LONG overdue playthrough being posted.

Tune in then, and subscribe while you're at it, since there's a lot more to come in the future.

So there you go, the blog is about to get busy again, and I hope you enjoy the ride!


Saints Row The Third: Areas of Concern finished. Scheduled for Wednesday. Some editing required but I will do that before it goes up.

Alan Wake: Areas of Concern started. Should be done by next week as possible filler in the very unlikely chance that my Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review is not up then.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist: Last minute pre-order about to happen.

Other: Recently acquired several games, included the previously AOCed Dead Space 3, and Guest Reviewed, The Sims 3. The former will most likely get a ReMix Review sometime.

Kyle van Rensburg: My week away from home went pretty well, even if I felt like dying on the spot after I was done. It was immensely hard work, but at least I got the money I desperately needed for Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

I've been enjoying The Sims 3, which is very finicky on Windows 8. (Which programs are not?) Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is also another fun game that will keep me busy. A Review is unlikely for the latter, but who knows? Maybe I'll make one.

My fiction writing is also going well. I just took a bit of a break and ideas have been flooding in like crazy. I pray that it will be one of the best stories you've seen in recent years. Jesus give me the strength, but I will try my best. 

Oh, and by the way? Hot Fuzz is epically funny. Just watch out for the content though, some misuses of Jesus' name and several F-bombs. The too over-the-top to really take seriously.

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