August 16, 2013

My Thoughts On: Watch Dogs

I'll tell you one thing: Words cannot describe how excited I am for this game.

It. Is. Jaw. Droppingly. Beautiful!

My Thoughts:

When I first saw the announcement trailer of Watch Dogs, I was very sceptical. Whilst the game promised a huge interactive open world, I was concerned that it was more of a tech demo showing off it's awesome, realistic graphics than anything else.

Now, after much more footage was shown, I'm happy to say that my concerns were baseless. This game looks to be one of the most refreshing and engaging open world experiences of 2013. 

Watch Dogs follows the story of Aiden Pierce, a gritty vigilante who is somehow tossed into the story after the lives of his family is threatened.

Now, he has to fight crime and be a vigilante.....and stuff.

My Concerns:

There's a lot that can go wrong.

1. Firstly, the game can get lost in all it's wondrous beauty and wide open world to the point of completely losing focus of it's story, which I heard is based around "They threatened my family. So I ate theirs!" or something like that.

2. Secondly, the game might pull an Assassin's Creed 3 and spend way too much time building up the story instead of developing it on the fly.

3. The game is a buggy and glitchy mess, which is not too far fetched considering Ubisoft's history with broken games. (I'm looking at you, Splinter Cell: Double Agent!)

4. It turns out to be a great game, but it features sensationalized depictions of sex and nudity, and a huge amount of strong language. Both seem to be definite possibilities, but here's hoping that my concerns are allayed.

My Hopes:

1. That the game won't have sensationalized depictions of sex and nudity, and much strong language. Oh, and it must be a good game.

2. The open world is really as interactive as it seems, and that you can upgrade HOW interactive it is as the story progresses.

3. Not too much hand holding, and multiple ways of accomplishing a mission objective.

4. An actual engaging story filled with three-dimensional characters, or just interesting characters for that matter. And an ending worth a darn.

5. A New Game Plus mode, or the ability to keep free-roaming in the game after the story is finished, like Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect 2.

6. No multiplayer for once, please? Or one that lives up to the (hopefully) stellar singleplayer.

In Conclusion:

Watch Dogs looks to be the next great open world game, and one that may provide us with a stellar narrative and smart gameplay, with tolerable content.

Here's hoping that our wishes come true.

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