August 09, 2013

Areas of Concern =/= Reviews

Hello everybody, I'd like to clarify something which unfortunately became a blog tradition when I hoped it wouldn't.

Areas of Concern are rundowns of a select game's content WITHOUT me playing the actual game. This is not to say I'm guessing the content. Quiet the contrary, I watch video walkthroughs, do research on parental sites, and try to find out all there is about a game, the way I usually did when I was simply interested in buying games for myself.

Reviews are where I play the whole game AND give you a content rundown. This is the best way to do it, but I had to settle on the former for one simple reason:

Lack of money.

Unfortunately, we are a bit low on funds and had to settle on the easiest way to provide accurate content rundowns without actually playing the game.

Now some of you may say: "Kyle, why not just download the game? You can delete it when you're done and then it's all good, right?"

Eh, I still struggle with the morality of doing something like that, and it just takes waayyyyyyyyy too long. And for a console only release like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V, it would have been incredibly difficult to find a "pirate" copy.

And I don't want to support piracy more than PC gamers already have. But if I could find some way to play the game without shelling out cash, and it's not illegal, I would. Believe me I would.

If you feel like donating a game, that would be a huge blessing and it would help out a lot.

In any case, I wanted to clarify this little difference for you guys. This was something I had to settle on in order to get you accurate content assessments in spite of not having the money. 

I hope you all have a good day. :)

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