July 12, 2013


'Sup, people? I kinda broke my rule from taking a complete break, I still kept an eye on this blog and my pageviews. (Hint: they are making me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.)

As for posts, I'm going to try and stockpile a few of those symbol posts and speak about controversial topics for some of my articles.

Regular posting will begin again next month, which will definitely feature a Splinter Cell: Blacklist Areas of Concern, and possibly another long overdue article.

Like 1 year and 8 months overdue. No promises, but I just like wrapping up loose ends before I move onto the future. Kinda like a great mystery TV show, if you catch my drift.

So yes, prepare yourself for August and the Summer season. We will be up to our elbows in games, and we hope to see you then!

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