July 01, 2013

Dark Times....

Dark times indeed.

I'm currently reviewing a very shady game, and let's just say that the content is getting to me. I'm normally quite subjective when I write content, but now it's very hard to do so.

Wednesday you'll see what I'm talking about. Please do note that the review contains mature subject matter. Yep....

In other news, looks like we might not have a ZIG review this week, so we'll see if it's the week afterwards.

After finishing this game, I would like to take a short break just to "recover", and so you might see a Guest Review next week.

But I'll try to make a plan to have another review up in case that plan fails again. After all, there is no rest for the weary......even though some of these games are really nasty.

I'll see you guys Wednesday! Oh, and I have an idea for Friday, just got to remember it, heh. 

See ya then!

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