May 24, 2013

Want to Review?

Stemming from my desire to make this blog a sprawling community filled with Christian gamers, I decided to make this blog open for business!

My aim is to have a GUEST REVIEW every week, possibly making two review posts a week.

That is, if you guys join in.

Anybody familiar with Guide2Games will know that you can submit a review for approval, which will shortly be posted after said review is, ahem, approved.

I'm taking a similar approach, by giving you the basic template of a review, and some rules:

Number 1: You must be a Believer in Jesus, and nothing polytheistic at that too. You must confess him as the one true and only saviour, that he was of a virgin birth, led a sinless life, and died a literal death on the cross and had a literal resurrection.

Number 2: You are allowed to review the game in your own style and way of speaking, but stick to the format given below. Also, try to use wisdom when judging a game. Before just jumping in, make sure to study symbols, consider a game's content carefully, and most importantly, to PRAY.

Number 3: Contact me for help. That's what I'm here for, hehe. 

Number 4: This is what the bullet points mean:

--Green is for Mild or Inoffensive Content.

--Blue is for Moderate Content.

--Orange is for Intense/Briefly Graphic Content.

--Red is for Very Graphic/Very Intense Content.

PS: As for reviewing games based off of walkthroughs, try your best to actually buy the game and play it before reviewing it. For me, I unfortunately don't have the money to buy much games, and therefore have to use walkthroughs.

But for Guest Reviewers, I would much appreciate it if they could give a FULL REVIEW.

Number 5: You will receive a letter rejecting or approving your reviews after I have read them.

Reasons for rejection:

-Insufficient Information: The review doesn't list the content in a factual, accurate way. Try to play through the game, and list the content as it comes up. And remember to be detailed with your descriptions!

-Inaccurate/Fraudulent: I'm aware that some people will try and troll my blog by posting false Guest Reviews, so I will do my best to do research on my side as well. Trolls ain't welcome!

-Improper Grammar: Plz us propar spellllign cuz its annyin wen u cant understend a wurd ppl r sayin...

English, people, English!

-Poor Judgement: That may sound harsh, but it's very important that you base your judgements off of the Word of God, and accurately assess whether or not it's appropriate for a Believer in Jesus to play a select game....

-Duplicate/Better Review: In the case that people send me two or more reviews of the same game, I will choose the best one. But please don't take it personally! I appreciate the effort.

-Other: Please note that I reserve the right to approve or reject review for any reason, or no reason at all. This is my blog, and I can choose what to do with it. I will try my best to post a reason, though, so please, chill.

Alright, so what you waiting for? Get cracking!

Here's the template. Copy it over to WordPad, and start writing. When you are done, send it to me at:

Good luck!




Basic Plot:

Release Date:






Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy 

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Ban-worthy


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Areas of Concern:

General Violence:

Storyline Violence:



Spiritual Content:

Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Usage:

Gross Stuff/Gore:

Scary Stuff:


Positive Content:


Review of Game:




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