May 10, 2013

Symbols: Pentagram

I decided to do a more educational post on a controversial topic: Symbols. I'll try to get out an analysis of a symbol every second or third week.

Let me define a symbol to you: A symbol is a shape or piece of geometry with a deeper meaning other than what you see at surface level.

Many things we just take for granted in today's society, like the five-point star or pentagram, and much more. Even Christian symbols are taken for granted, when they have much deeper meanings.

This may be very controversial, but the Cross of "Jesus" is one of them. I will cover Christian symbols in a later post. When I'm in a safe location. :)  

But hey, you don't have to listen to me ramble on. I'm going to quoting Dr. Cathy Burns from her book, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", and add a few things afterwards.

Please do buy her book. It is highly recommended.   


Quoting from Dr. Cathy Burns:

'Satanists and witches love the Pentagram, and we are told that the pentagram is one of the main symbols of witchcraft and occultism. It has always been used in ritual magic and is used for divination, the conjuration of spirits and to summon demoniac help. In the Dictionary of Mysticism, we learn that the Pentagram:

"is considered by occultists to be the most potent means of conjuring spirits. When a single point of the star points upward, it is regarded as the sign of the good and a means to conjure benevolent spirits; when the single point points down and a pair of points are on top, it is a sign of the evil (satan) and is used to conjure powers of evil."

"The Pentagram is a very important symbol used in calling demons and as an aid in the casting spells. When pointed skyward, the star symbolises the power of witchcraft. Most Wiccans---(witches/warlocks) believe that their power comes from such elements as the earth, sky and wind."

In fact, the Pentagram is called "The Great Rite" in witchcraft. Witches Janet and Stewart Farrar report:

"The couple enacting the Great Rite are offering themselves, with reverence and joy, as expressions of the God and Goddess aspects of the Ultimate Source....They are making themselves to the best of their ability, channels for that divine polarity on all levels, from physical to spiritual. That is why it is called the Great Rite.... 

'Ritual sexual intercourse,' says Doreen Valiente, 'is a very old idea indeed---probably as old as humanity itself.' ...The Great Rite invocation specially declares that the body of the woman taking part is an altar, with her womb and generative organs as its sacred focus, and reveres it as such....The High Priestess then lays herself down towards the altar, and her arms and legs outstretched to form the Pentagram."

Laurie Cabot, a witch, explains: "It really isn't that difficult to distinguish the Craft from Satanism. Witches wear the pentacle with the point up. Satanists reverse it with the point down...."

Need I say more?

Also, at one point, Christians adopted the symbol as representative of Christ's five wounds. Let me make it clear: If the root is corrupt, the tree is corrupt. You cannot "Christianise" pagan practices and symbols. This applies to several things, secular holidays are one of them. (I will cover this in a later post.)

The Pentagram, interestingly enough, is the most common symbol you can find. Most of my reviews, when listing symbols, list the pentagram.

What does this mean? Is it just a wild coincidence, or does it show that Satan has a firm grip on this world?

I'll leave you with that question.

In the meantime, I hope this short but sweet post "enlightened" you. Please do tell me what you think and if I should post more of these in the future.

God bless!

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