May 03, 2013


SPECIAL: Even more MDK2 incoming! Told you I love this game. Check back on June 9th for a special event. (That's also my birthday, by the way.)

So I decided that it would be better to make a separate post to review MDK2. This way, I can ramble on about how I love this game without worrying about time constraints.

Let's begin, shall we?

NOTE: This is a Full Review. Extended Reviews are where Hawke posts his "extended" thoughts on a game, sometimes going into lots of detail how he hates the select game. More Extended Reviews are coming, so check back often! 

MDK2 Review:


Ah, where to begin? Let's quickly go over all the characters:

Kurt Hectic:



-Hit and Run

Kurt Hectic is great for stealth players like me, who prefer to pick off enemies from afar and be able to RUN THE HECK AWAY when need be. Kurt's levels are the hardest in the game, at least for me, especially the seventh level of the game which features the invisible alien enemies who can only die by being shot in the freaking head.

Yes, I said "freaking" for the first time on my blog. That means I'm serious!

When it comes to fun, Kurt's levels are my "least" favourite, but they still are very good. His levels do require a lot of precision sniping which racks up the difficulty considerably.

So, if you like sniping and stealth, like myself, (hurr, rhyme.) then you'll love Kurt Hectic!



-Dual-wielding weapons

-Blow up everything in sight

Max is the coolest character in MDK2, at least in my opinion. I mean, he's a six-legged cigar-smoking gun-toting brawler! Doesn't get more cool than that.

Max's levels are regarded as the hardest in the game, it seems. For some reason, it's quite the opposite for me. It feels like Max, due to his extra health and loads of guns he can brandish, is actually a tad bit overpowered.

Not like I'm complaining. You feel like a special kid when you clear out an entire area full of aliens with your gatling guns and shotguns and pistols and rockets and laser guns. And guns.

By far the best level in the game, at least in my opinion, is level 8, where Max travels to an alien city in order to wreck havoc. Let's just say that it's really linear, but who cares? It's so much fun, you'll forget all about that.

Except for the reactor tower which you have to climb. That's pretty lame. And unnecessarily hard. But even in spite of all that, he is the coolest character in the game.

Doctor Fluke Hawkins:



-Radioactive toast!

....But Doctor Hawkins is still my favourite.

There's something about playing a character where all the odds are stacked up against him. He's old, he's weak, he can't even climb ledges, (For real. You can't.) but he sure knows how to make killer combinations.

The closest you'll get to playing MacGyver in a video game, Doctor Fluke Hawkins' levels require brains and puzzle solving, which I love.

The first time I played as him, I was surprised. And not to mention, giggling with glee. (I was like 6 or something.) But then, scared out of my mind. I'm playing as a character with a very low health bar, and not to mention, he's old as #$#@$!

.....And then I went to the lavatory. It's a moment you won't forget, believe me. Even now, 12 years later, I can remember my reaction to that scene.

Being the kid I was, I loved fart jokes, but that just made me cringe. Seriously.....

After that rather traumatic scene, I continued, and was rewarded with one of the most fulfilling experiences of the game, with Doctor Hawkins' puzzles. Just, that stupid fish part was annoying.

(You'll see what I mean when you play it.)

And then I couldn't keep my curiosity at bay when I picked up a lighter and saw the cord of a rocket. Let me keep what happens a surprise, in the case that you want to play this game. Note: Just save first. Seriously.

As you can tell, all of these characters put together makes for one heck of a ride. And I mean, one HECK of a ride. This game is epic, and deserves to get a second chance/cult following.


It looks kind of blocky and old now, for obvious reasons, (it came in 2000) but the game's art style and level design stays phenomenal.

The game is very linear, but you don't even feel the linearity because of how well designed it is.

The voice acting is also very good and funny. The three main actors, breathe life into Kurt, Max, and Doc. (Special Nerd fact: Greg Zeschuk voices Doctor Hawkins. Yep.) All three of these characters are memorable and the voice acting is not the least of what made it so great.


A very silly story at best, but the game's humour is the main attraction. Excellent writing combined with stellar voice acting makes for some very entertaining moments.

This game will make you laugh, for sure. As I said before, it's not a Portal 2 level of funny, but the subtle dark humour brings this game to life.

It's good to have a game which is not afraid to make fun of itself, which is something modern games need more of.

I've started another playthrough of MDK2, and man, it shows you how timeless this game is. The level design, challenging difficulty, everything. This game is a thing of beauty, and BioWare deserves credit for making it.

(yes, BioWare made this game. Surprise, eh?)  

Quality Verdict:
Amazing (A+)

Yep, A+ for sure. This game is special, and every video gaming fan, especially older gamers who love epic challenges, should check it out.

Highly recommended!

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