April 01, 2013


SPECIAL EDITION: Some notes: I watch video game WALKTHROUGHS on YouTube. These give you about 90% of the games content, and frankly, the essential stuff.

Secondly, I like free pageviews, so keep em coming.

And thirdly, it's nice that haters have to go do so on a forum somewhere. Never to my face. Like......what you call them? Cowards? That's right.....


Alright, so let's get the important update out of the way. Due to some internal changes, Daniel Kay will no longer be reviewing on this blog or be a part of this community, which was his decision and not KGR's.

With that out of the way, let's get to some other updates:

First of all, due to a huge amount of work and having a really slow internet, I have been very underwhelming in getting these reviews to you. I hope that you can understand that we here at KGR are trying our best, and desperately want to get these reviews to you, it's just that due to some things in our personal lives that we couldn't get them to you ASAP.

And also because of the internal changes, but let's move on from that.

My Tomb Raider AOC could have been done because all the videos are there, but of course, the slow internet got in my way. It's for this reason why I will post the verdict based on some of my research so long, and then later I will upload the full AOC.


Tomb Raider VERDICT:


Reasons: First of all, after just glossing over the synopsis on Wikipedia, it became obvious that this game contains significant supernatural content which exceeded the boundaries of what is allowed on this blog.

The game contains Japanese demons known as the Oni, which appear to perform Fire Rituals and put one guy through it in the games' plot. It also appears that the villain wants to perform transmigration. (Moving your spirit into another person's body.)

I can't say for sure how the content is depicted, but there's no way this game can be anything less than a BANNED.

The game also contains:

  • Strong Language: Uses of F**k and S**t.
  • Graphic Violence: Apparently it also contains brutal death scenes and demonic lairs with scattered body parts.
  • Suggestive Content (?) Features what is an attempted rape, which is a lot milder than it sounds. A man runs his hand down Lara's thigh and she shoots him in self-defense.

So there you have it. I hope this little research piece of mine helped you out in not getting this game. 

Full Areas of Concern coming! Check back often on KGR for the Tomb Raider Areas of Concern.

Until then!

PS: I know what day it is today. And no, we don't celebrate it. So please don't make the news out to be anything less than real.

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