March 18, 2013


Hello, everybody! I've been a bit unplugged this week, more busy with friends and family, so my blog hasn't been on my mind all week.

But I'm back, and actively busy working on my Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Areas of Concern. I hope that all goes well and it's up on Wednesday.

Tomb Raider/Crysis 3 is next, and I'm waiting for BioShock Infinite so that I can review that.

That's pretty much all the news for the reviews, so now I want to ask my blog followers a question: Would it be okay for me to just post random opinion pieces on Mondays along with my updates, stuff like what kind of TV I'm watching, what I've been doing off the site, and just kinda random gaming and non-gaming related stuff?

I'm asking because whenever I try to make an article, I hit a stone wall and don't know what to talk about, since everything has to be gaming-related.....or I think it has to be, I don't know, should it be?

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below and let me know!

Ugh, I hate rhymes......


  1. Yeah, that sounds fine to me... It would seem difficult to always post game related things all the time.
    -The one guy who was too lazy to make an account from the Super Mario U review

    1. Yo! Thanks man, I do think it will help out, as I want to personalise this blog more and such.

      Can't you comment with Intense Debate? Because you just made the other comments on this article go away.

      ....not like I have a problem with it, they weren't all nice comments anyways :P